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Post RP & can't Pee

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Hi fellas, I had RP (Pereneal) in mid July and recovered well from surgery. Having waited the mandatory 5 weeks for the uretha to repair, I went back into hospital to have the catheter removed.

Unfortunately, I couldn't pee (not a drop) and therefore the catheter had to be put back (with a great amount of difficulty I might add). I'm waiting to go back for another try in the next few weeks.

The consultant thought at the time that the stricture was probably due to scar tissue and I believe that when I go back they are going to have a theatre ready in case I still have the problem (whether this is so they can put the catheter back again easier or whether it's so they can carry out further surgery on the scar tissue I'm not sure).

Has anybody else had this problem and if so what happened.

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None of us heal according to doctors estimates or suggested time tables and sometimes, with all of the best medical care, you may have to have it tweaked. Had similar situations only not same as yours. Seems as if it was never going to heal and then one day I couldn't recall when it wasn't working. Hang in there.

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Hello Pete;

I am 11 months post-op from an RP (mine was retro-pubic)and I too had a bit problem within a few months of the catheter being removed.

I see that your original message was posted Sept. 4th, so my first question is to ask if your second catheter has been removed and whether there was any improvement in your urine flow. Hopefully you are getting back to normal, but let us know how you are doing and if you still have questions or concerns.


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