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Mood swing!

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Does the Chemo make your mood swing? I remember reading this one article saying..Chemo can get you depress! Is that true? If thats the case, back in the days when i was reciving Chemo, I was very depress and cried everynight! Now it has been 3 years that I am cancer free but every now and then I get depress and cry all the time, for no reason! Is that possible that because of that chemo? please help me answer this one! Thanks alot!

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My girlfriend is undergoing chemo after a knee, hip, and femur replacement surgery and her mood swings are unbearable. It seems as if i can do nothing right and that she absolutely hates me. I just want to know if she will go back to normal and have those feelings of love again?

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Cancer and surgeries and chemo all put so much stress on the body and mind. Your girlfriend might find that an antidepressant or antianxiety medication would help regulate her moods. I know I was crazy, jumping from angry to crying at the drop of a hat. All this treatment is hard to deal with; but with time it should get better. Do ask about counseling and/or medication...it can make a huge difference.

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Being a cancer patient too, I know I had mood swings because of Chemo. My little brother still teases me because one day I was talking to him when all of a sudden I burst into tears. When he asked me if I was okay, I answered in the midst of sobs "Don't worry about me I'm just moody!" I also once got really upset at my sister because she wasn't writting down everything I wanted her to write down in a letter, and now I laugh about it because I know that that is not how I normally am. So, I think the chemo causes mood swings, but I don't know about after chemo. I haven't had very bad mood swings since so I guess I don't really have a good answer for you. I hope you find an answer!

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