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I am a 3-year ovarian cancer survivor. Had a complete hysterectomy, removal of several lymph nodes and omentum; went thru 6 months of chemo treatments. CA 125 has been consistent between 10 and 19, with it being 20 one time last year. Recent CA125 was 20.1. I know this is not indicative of anything, but I have also since had some symptomology. For 5 days I have had lower abdominal pain (such as diarrheal cramps), and have had loose stools. I have tried Immodium (doctor's suggestion in case it's a virus) - no luck. Concerned about the discomfort. No blood in the stools. Can anyone relate to this and what could it be? I know this is vague - just looking for some comfort. Feel fine otherwise, just tired from a week of this. Thank you and God Bless you for your response!

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I am not having your symptoms other than a slight rise in my Ca125 but I know how scared I get when ANYTHING changes. Mine just went from 11.6 to 12.3 and I was in tears. I know it is silly but we just can't help it sometimes.

Under normal circumstances we would not give bodily changes a second thought. You hang in there and lets hope things settle down soon!

I will add you to my prayers tonight.

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TealRibbon: Thank you so much for your prayers. Yes, you are right, EVERYTHING seems to be an issue once you have experienced cancer. You will be in my thoughts and prayers also!

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TealRibbon - I read your reply to Monika and just had to reply to you as well. I hope it's just a "thing" with Monika but had to giggle when I read the very things I think about every day. I'm 1C/2001 with Hysterectomy (May) Laparotomy )July) Small Bowel Obstruction (September) as my surgeries. I have learned to celebrate bowel movements but I can't help but be frightened by every gas pain!! Isn't it odd how we hang onto those CA125 numbers like it's a lifeline? Even though mine remain well under 35 (I'm a 9) it's like winning the lottery each time you get that number and it hasn't changed!!

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