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newly diagnosed stage 2 on capecitabane/Xeloda

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hi, my mum was diagnosed on 7/27/03 and had hemicolectomy done on 8/1/03. the tumour has invaded the paracolic fat but nodes are negative.

would like to know if there is anyone with similar condition on Xeloda as i understand the 'standard' chemotherapy, if given, is still
5-FU + leucovorin.

Would appreciate any info if possible. thanks & regards

Cinnamon Jones
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I was offered Xeloda but I think I am going to decline.  My cancer was stage 2a with no real risk factors. My oncologist aid that it is controversial as to whether it is of much beneift because the survival rate is very high without it.  I would like to hear from others who may have declined it but most people on it seem to be more advanced cases.  If I did nothave to work I would likely have tried it though.


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Ciannamon, this post is from 2003 and kayyin last posted in 2008.  


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