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Breast forms/prosthetics

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I am 42 years old and a 7-year survivor of breast cancer. I had a right mastectomy back in 1996 for a 2.5 cm tumor and had 18 of 18 negative nodes. I opted not to have reconstruction and I've used different breast forms, but recently came across one that I just LOVE. It is so real-like and it is light-weight and does not require a mastectomy bra. The name of the lady who sells them is Rosella and her e-mail address is kartz1@attbi.com (Kartz Collection). She has all different sizes. She will soon have an 800 number, as well as an up and coming web site, which I think will be great for mastectomy patients. Presently she is selling them at an Ebay store and they are so reasonable!! The site link is http://www.ebaystores.com/kartzcollection/plistings/list/all/dept11/indexhtml?col=2&dir=-1

If you order one from her, tell her you heard about them from me (Liz Bean). I told her I was going to "spread the word" about this great breast form. They are so comfortable. I love them! I just had to share this wonderful find with any mastectomy patient who is looking for a more comfortable affordable breast prosthesis. Please check them out!!! And if you get one or a pair, let me know how you like it/them. My e-mail address is lzbean@grantsburgtelcom.net -- I know you will really appreciate that I posted this message.

Liz Bean
7-year Survivor
Northwestern Wisconsin

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Thanks Liz I will check it out.I have not had recon as of yet.My mastecomy was feb 6'03.My last treatment was june 30,'03.They started recon at the time of the mast. with an expander but it had to come out two weeks later due to major infection.I have not decided yet if I want to go that route again or not.Thank you Teresa aka twinks56

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Check out this site for a great breast prosthetic! Click on "breast forms" when you get to this site. The above link I posted won't take you there. Sorry. These are the best breast forms....so comfortable!

Liz Bean

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Hi first off i want to say congratulations on being a 7 year survivor.and then second iam most defintly going to go check the site out.thanks for letting us all know about the site.I had a mastecomy in Jan 2003. go in for my first real check up on this coming wesday.bunnie

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I went to the Ebay posting with your link and her store only had jewelry. Am I missing something? I'm always in the market for a better prosthesis.


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