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my research

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Hello Everyone!
I am doing my own amateur *research* on the types of medicines and chemotherapy people have had or are currently taking. If you wouldn't mind giving me the names and even the dosage, but I will settle for just names of meds, I would really appreciate it! Please dont worry about spelling :-) You can email me here or leave a reply to this post. Thank you very much for your time and help.
leukemia survivor; remission of 7 years

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HI! I'm a 3-year ovarian cancer survivor. Had a total hysterctomy is March 2000, including omentum and several lymph nodes. Started 4 weeks later with sessions every 21 days (thru September) of Taxol and Carboplatin/Cisplatin. Also had other medications infused with that (Decadron, Benadryl, Anzamet, and one other for the nausea). Also started (and have continued) juicing, vitamin supplementation, extra protein, low carbs, psyllium fiber, mushroom extract, Fluoressence tea, and weight training. Have lost almost all of my chemo weight gain, feeling pretty good. However, don't think I'll ever get all my pre-chemo energy and drive back. Just happy to be here with my family!

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Hi Mopar, my name is Karen and I am still in the process of having chemo. I was diagnosed with 2C last October. I didn't realize I would gain weight while on chemo. It was another real dissapointment! I would like to ask you where you got your nutrition info. I am so addicted to carbs, it isn't even funny. As soon as I finish my chemo ( I have one more to go!!!), I will begin my new regime of diet and excercise. I have started taking vitamin supplements, but just don't have the energy and drive to start the diet yet. I feel so guilty and naughty about it, but not so much that I change my behavior. I had the same treatments you mention and I also have the nerve damage in my extremities. Hope that subsides when the chemo stops. Thanks for writing your story. Hope to hear from you. Wishing you continued survivor success!

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Just one more thing - I did develop neuropathy in the hands, arms and feet. I believe Because of my diligence with the nutrition and exercise I have been able to minimize these symptoms a great deal.

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Hi, Michael. My chemo included bleomycin, cisplatin and VP16. During chemo, when my white blood cell counts were low, I had several Nupagen (sp?) shots as well. I also took an anti-nausea med., but don't remember the name. Hope this is helpful.

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I had a total hysterectomy(was in stage 2C with ovarian cancer) in April,2001, with removel of some lymph nodes. I also have chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Started chemo with 6 carbuplatin/taxol. Carbulatin knocked me down to bad,I was then put on cisplatin/taxol. We found canceraous scar tissue, so had 5 more chemos with doxel/taxol. Had a perfect checkup in April 2002. By July, I had started spotting again, so biopsy was taken.
More cancer was found. White count had come down from over 163 to the 20's. I began 2 months of radiation. 33 external, 3 internal. My white count was totally wiped out. Had several nupigen shots to build it up. Had to sit out a whole week to wait for the blood to build itself up. I have not had a recurrance in a year. I have my first 1 year check-up on the 20th of this month. Am feeling very good, and am a stronger person because of the experience.
What kind of leukemia did you have, Michael?

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