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Hello Everyone!
I am doing my own amateur *research* on the types of medicines and chemotherapy people have had or are currently taking. If you wouldn't mind giving me the names and even the dosage, but I will settle for just names of meds, I would really appreciate it! Please dont worry about spelling :-) You can email me here or leave a reply to this post. Thank you very much for your time and help.
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  • railroad
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    My Mom just completed chemo for lymphoma using fludarabine and mitoxantrone.I don't know the dosages but it was for 3 consecutive days every 4 weeks.Good luck with your research.
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    I have a lymphoma of the skin. I have been on Methotrexate (a folic acid antagonist; folic acid is necessary for the manufacture of one of the 4 nucleic acids which make up DNA)for 1.5 year. At first the dose was built up to 30 mg a week. Now I am on 15 mg a week.
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    mc- I spoke with you in the chat room the other night. I didn't get to talk with anyone for very long I kept getting the boot. I just found this site - am in desperate need to not feel "different". Reading the messages on the message board has help me to understand that I am not "different" and that everyone to some degree feels or is feeling what I have. Hope you are doing well, thoughts and prayers with you and all.