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Hello all, I am new to the group and

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have not been diagnosed with oral cancer but have a big fear of it and I am worried that I could. I have been to my medical DR and he said that it looked like I got a swollen gland that is related to my jaw pain. I asked him if he thought it could be oral cancer and he said that he didn't think so. If I may ask, how many in here that has had oral cancer smoked,or chewd and also how old are you now and how old was you when you was diagnosed.
I have always thought oral cancer was in older people but i wounder. I am 34 years old and a non smoker and never have i chewing tobacco and drink once in a geat while. Any and all help and suggestion would be helpful if you don't mind...Thanks again

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Hello my husband also has tongue and throat cancer, he had to surgery which, was not sucessful, they made a flap..they took the nerve from the arm and put it in his tongue all the way down the throat.... which did not survive, so again they removed it they took 1/4 of the tongue off...he had chemo and radiation , it all done now,after 6 1/2 months he had a peg tubes and has lost alot of weights and he is doing very well he is also 34 years old if you need to talk reply your story is very similar to his.........Sophie72

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