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Cancer of the epiglottis

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I was diagnosed with cancer of the epiglottis with one lymph node involved a little over five years ago. I was treated with in-hospital stays for chemo then with heavy radiation. I had a stomach tube for 6 months. I am posting this message for two reasons. One is to let you know, if you have this cancer, that you can survive it. I am in perfectly normal health. My second reason, is that as I approach five years out of treatment, I am unsure of what the statistics are or if I should continue having the expensive and difficult exams. I am no longer going to the big cancer hospital, but now being checked by the ears, nose and throat doctor who originally found the cancer. She doesn't know, says come once a year. Does anyone know where I can get this information? Thanks.

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i have been cancer free for 1 yr now and go every three months. my doctor recommends 1 yr intervals after 5 yrs .

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Had my Epiglottis removed in 2015.  Wanted to see how you are doing?

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This is a very old thread and neither of the members has been online since 2008.  If you want to generate some interest please post a new thread and introduce yourself.

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