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Just finished my chemo 8/03

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I had my left testicle removed April 28, 2003 and started 3 rounds of chemotherapy BEP which is the standard protocol for this. I'm still having problems with tiredness and other side effects and wanted to know if anyone can offer some insight as to how long the side effects will last. Also, I'll be happy to talk with anyone whom is currently going through this. You can email me at jnigra@juno.com. It is a scary journey but one that does have light at the end of the tunnel.

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Hi, we spoke n chat a few days ago n i got booted.
I did 18 rads , front & back & lost my right testicle & the side effects i have due 2 my treatment ,lol never seem 2 end iam takeing ranitidine 2 times a day & if i feel real bad a take a zophran & it knocks me out.
I know what it feels like 2 want 2 feel like i did b4 this c thing took my real life awy from me,,couldnt drag me 2 a doc b4 N now it seems like i live in thier offices & have no shame when it come 2 droping my pants, by far iam not a self pitty trip , i've worked almost threw all that the Big c haz thrown my way n tending bar full time aint 2 easy when u feel good let alone when all u wanna do iz sleep or puke or sit on the thrown.
So my brother N T/C if you ever just wanna bs , u can reach me at mick@easyriders.com

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I had my right testicle removed on April 17, 2003 and began chemo on April 19. I had four rounds of BEP, as I was stage three. Softball sized tumor in my esophagus and another the same size in my stomach blocking my small intestine. I was fortunate in not having additional surgery to remove scar tissue. I did not start to feel "normal" until mid to late August. I do still get tired easily, but I am able to work four to five days a week, unless I have doctors appointments. I am fighting circulation problems in my hands and feet, due to arterial damage from the chemo. Also, taking blood thinners to help remove a blood clot that formed during my orchiectomy. My legs have swelling problems still, since I am a teacher and am on my feet all the time.

All in all, I find these problems to be very minor in the grand scope of what I have been through the past six months. I have a feeling that I will never feel normal emotionally, as TC has changed me for life, all in a good way. I do hope that I will feel physically normal in time. I just live and love each day one at a time.

email me if you want to share more dwytko@kresanet.org

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I finished 4 rounds or BEP on 12/23/03 and had my prostate removed on 1/26/04. I'm still dealing with a lot of neuropathy, anxiety, depression, fatigue, etc. I've been told the neuropathy may never go away. Otherwise I'm hoping the other side affects will taper off over the next months/years.

But hey, at least I'm alive

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