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has anyone heard anything posative about vitamin b-17 for cancer treatment?


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    Hi Crawford clan,
    I can only be very positive about prescribed (underline)Vitamin B17 - I had lung cancer and brain tumours - all gone and only reduced to scarring. Lung Cancer dealt with chemo, radiotherapy and positive thinking. Brain tumours from lung metastasised into the brain.
    As we know chemo kill bad cells but also good cells and when given the all clear not given any dietary follow up. I heard about a very reputable Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor (also orthodox) in Sydney (yes Australia!)( and go to see him every fortnight. Apart from meditation/ acupuncture I also get heaps of herbal pills plus Vitamin B17. I take 44 herbal tablets after each meal as well as 5 crushed prescribed (underline) apricot kernels (B17).
    Why I keep underlining is they, if not taken correctly, are full on arsenic.
    My Oncologist warned me that he had spent all night at a local hospital and they nearly lost a woman with arsenic poisoning. She had been getting her seeds from Mexico (probably through the post). I let him know very quickly that mine were from China and came into Australia via Quarantine and were prescribed only. The TCM doctor said that she wouldn't have know what dosage to take - so you would have to be very wary.
    As an aside apart from all of the above my brain tumours went from stable a month ago to disappeared. The Oncologist in his words said he: "has never seen anything like it and whatever I'm doing to keep doing." Apart from TCM, I take two tablespoons of blended tinned good asparagus (juice and all) in the morning and at night. So have put my success down to radiotherapy (3 months ago), TCM (ongoing), Asparagus (one month), Positive thinking (twenty months).
    If you send your email address to the following I will send back the document on Asparagus and B17. Make sure that the subject heading is one or the other otherwise I'll probably delete it thinking it's spam.
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    best regards