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Best Hospital/Surgeon for liver cancer

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I have identified the best liver cancer treatment hospitals with the help of the USNEWS.com ranking. I need help in identifying the best surgeons in these hospitals.

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I am seeking a hospital specializing in liver cancer treatment 



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I'm at MDAnderson in Phoenix Arizona.  Have been on Chemo since August 2016.  I'm told they specialize in liver cancer but haven't found a person with this there so far.  My tumors are getting smaller and am looking forward to embolization after PET scan next February.

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my Mom has stage IV cancer and jaudice.  Bilirubin is 10-13 levels.  they said the can not help her anymore.  Tell me where I can get her some help?

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  • You know it all depends where on the liver the cancer is as to if they can operate.  My  mother was very fortunate that hers was in the place on the liver it was.  IU in Indianapolis was able to operate and she was fine.  IU is part of the Clarion Health network.  If you want to go asap, ask your doc to get you in.  To do it on your own takes longer. 
  • Hugs,
  • Annie
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Hello, My husband has 2 masses on his liver one is 8 cm the other is 6. Do you know what size your mothers was? This is just so scary and I dont know what to think. Any infromation will help thank you Julie

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