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Maintenence Chemo

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I am looking for information concerning maintence chemo. I was diagnosised with stage 4a ov/ca in Feb. Will finish my 6th round of chemo(carboplatin/taxotere) on the 15th of August and my oncologist is now introducing the possibility of doing monthly maintenence chemo. I am currently in remission (CA125 is 11) and have weathered chemo remarkably well. Can anyone give me any insite on maintenence chemo for ov/ca. Thanks

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I have Stage IIIC ovarian cancer. My gynecologic oncologist is up on the latest clinical trails/protocols. I also started with 8 doses of carboplatin and taxol every three weeks (two extra doses due to severe bone marrow suppression so they had to lower doses slightly). Now I am starting on taxol-only every four weeks for 12 months. He taught gynecologic oncology at a Washington DC medical center before going into private practice and I know he keeps up with all the latest info. Best of luck and God bless to you.....

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I'd be interested in knowing how the monthly chemo works out for you. I'm not sure what my "drug of choice" will be as I had a severe allergic reaction to Taxol...so I'm pretty sure it won't be Taxol...LOL...God Bless and keep fighting!

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I was in your exact same situation. When I finished chemo in June, my CA125 was a 8. Since your CA125 is so low, I do not recommand maintenence chemo. My doctor introduced me to the same thing just a precaution. But also, maint. chemo has serious permanent side effects. Permanent bone marrow depression and tingling in your fingers are 2 just to name a few. I'm currently having a CA125 done every 6 months just to make sure I'm ok, without maintenence chemo.

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I'm also in remission, but my doctor didn't suggest maintenance chemo. I have my blood workup done every three months and X-rays.


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I am currently doing maintenance chemo because I was diagnosed with Stage IV Ov/c in 1993 and it recurred in 2002. I had my CA125 checked every three months for 9 years. When it started to elevate, a laproscope and ct scans found nothing. Eventually, two small lesions were seen and I started on Doxil maintenance which had pretty mild side effects. Now that is no longer effective so I am back to Taxol/Carbo cocktails every third week. I am now STABLE (at least that's what they think, ha, ha). They are finding that Ov/C is more of a chronic disease. I don't want you to think that you can't be cured but I don't want to sugar coat anything either. I enjoyed 9 years of life that I probably would not have without the drugs. And right now I believe that maintaining this stability will keep me alive for awhile longer and that is great. Keep a positive attitude and go with what you feel comfortable doing. If maintenance will make you feel more secure -- do it. The side effects of the chemo can be annoying, but consider the alternative. Good luck!!

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Dear Denuie:
I am curious to find out what you decided to do?! Are you still in remission? I sure hope so.
I was diagnosed in 1999 with stage IIID ovarian Cancer and have gone through 3 recurrences with surgery and chemos following. In October 2003 my tumormarkers were at 720 and I was staring another round of chemo straight in the eye again. But this time I decided to try something different. Why repeat what had not worked 3 times before??? I went to see Dr. Stephen Edelson in Atlanta and took his treatments. My tumormarkers are now below 20 and I am officially in remission, without any nasty side effects. I will never have regular chemo again.
If you want to talk to the man, please give him a call at 404 841-0088. He has helped many cancer patients!

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