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Only in America

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I am a Canadian. I had a biopsy on a large "mass" found between the anus and rectum on July 25th after waiting 2 months to see a surgeon. I was told to come back on sugust 5th for the results. I drove 2 hours with a friend who took the day off work (and drove an additional 6 hours) to be told the pathology report was not in, but..."it is a very large mass and likely cancer--wish I had good news, but i don't." I figured I was dead. 2 excruciating days later I get a phone call that the 3 biopsies done on the tumour are benign. I do have to see a specialist and have surgery, but this is obviously the best case scenario. You have no idea how lucky you are to live in a country where you do not have to wait from June 2 to august 7th for a biopsy. Also, there is nothing like your chat room in Canada. I cannot believe my luck and how supportive and helpful you all have been. On the downside, I think I will have a lot of colonoscopies in my future---argh. I also learned 2 valuable lessons--demerol is not my friend (makes me very sick) and you do not want company arriving unannounced when you are on your 5th cup of Golytle combined with a large dose of industrial strength laxative! Some things you just have to learn the hard way.


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I admire you for still having a sense of humor after all you have been through. With cancer, waiting is the worst. It is totally absurd to me that you had to wait that long for test results. There is really no excuse for it in Canada or any other country for that fact, with tecnology as advanced as it is today. You can probably bet for sure that none of those you are dealing with has had an up close and personal history with cancer. Good luck on your surgery, hope you will visit the chat room here often.
Love and Prayers

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You are too funny! So glad you are benign (the cancer, not YOU!) You are correct about Socialized Medicine. However, there are politicians here in the United States who are pining for socialized medicine. Even though other countries are studying our form of medicine and trying to change from socialized med to the way the US conducts health care, there are those who want to change to Soc. Med.!! anyway, take care and have a blast with your golyte (no pun intended!)

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I waited from Feb 9th to March 17th for my path report (hooray, you have cancer) and then until June 9th to start treatment. Yes I didn't have to pay for anything, but the waiting is AWFUL.
Simchah (I live in Israel, also with socialized medicine)

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I'm so sorry you had to be hit between the blinkers with this dx, and have all the anxiety of waiting for it ! Darn it why ! I'm such a pain in the butt with my clinics...I want the info like yesterday. I hope all is well with you ! Israel....wow, another place I would like to visit. But alas, will not happen. Would love to hear about your country though. I feel like we are a family here, and want to reach out to as many as possible ! Warmest thoughts and wishes sent to you ! Katie

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Hi funnygurl, We put our names on the friends list but I don't know where it is. Can you tell me? I will keep watching here for your answer. Uder discussion board you can put a heading like Cancer Free and I'll go on there too. I always look on there. I just want to know how you are doing.

peanutcat (Cathy)

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Hey Cathy,
If you click on the persons name, you will be brought to their CSN space....go down to the bottom and click on the button to add this person as a friend. You will then need to click on another button that asks you if you want to add them. Click again. If you have problems ask again ! Katie

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Such good news on the biopsy report ! Surgery is no fun...but having it out will make you feel way better ! I live in Minnesota, pretty here but always wanted to visit Canada. And everyone is right....no matter the country we should be treated with more respect. Waiting is more stressful, and unacceptable ! I hope you can continue to be as upbeat with everything life throws at you ! Will be watching for more updates from you ! oh, by the way I had a dx of head and neck cancer. (adenoid cystic carcinoma) Doing pretty good so far ! Wishing you all the best neighbor ! Katie

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We Americans are very blessed. Glad to hear the lump wasn't cancer.
You are blessed to have a wonderful friend. Cherish your friend.

Take care.

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