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not the only one

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finally-I'm not the only one! I finished 6 months of ABVD in Feb. 2003 and 1 month of radiation and I also keep gaining weight. I've gained 40lbs since I was diagnosed last August. I'm happy the cancer is gone but when is the weight gain going to stop, I feel like its out of control. I see my dr. tomorrow-I'm afarid to even get on the scale, can't wait to see what he thinks.

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Dear Sherra,

I've found weight gain a problem too. In my case, a lot had to do with constant snacking to keep my stomach quiet, inactivity, boredom and stress. I think once you can get the chemo and radiation behind you and become more active, you'll probably lose the weight. Think positively about yourself and try to get into the habit of exercise once you have the energy. It's easier to lose weight than to lose cancer.

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Hi Sherra,
I am a leukemia survivor. Was diagnosed when I was 21 and I am 29 now. When I was in treatment, I lost a tremendous amount of weight due to severe whole body wasting syndrome. However, when I was put on prednisone for cancer treatment, one side effect was that I could not stop eating! And I gained weight quickly and it seemed to continue. So, this just could be a side effect of your treatment. Give yourself a lot of credit for fighting through, you are a strong young lady or woman (dont know your age!!). I agree with AM, excercise is important for us all. Plus it is a great way to drop unwanted pounds. Keep up the great work! On my leukemia website I have some information on healthy living after cancer.
Peace be with you-

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