just found out last Tues.

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This is my first time to this kind of forum. I just found out last week I have prostate CA and am trying to make the right decisions. Here is my background...I am 60 have sex 2 times a week on the average, I jog 10 miles a week. My PSA was 7 and my Gleason was 3, thursday I will go in for the bone scans etc & right now I am leaning towards surgery but couple of days ago I was leaning towards the seeds. Does surgery sound like the right choice for me?


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    I'm so glad you discovered our site so soon after diagnosis. I wish I had known about at the time of my diagnosis.

    The decision on type of treatment is one that must be made by the individual. However, as a 2 1/2 yr survivor of a RP, I would highly recommend doing an extensive background check on the education and experience of the surgeon you are considering if you elect to go that route. I did, and consider the surgeon I chose, one of the very best. The reason, I elected surgery over the implants was, I wanted to get totally rid of the infected organ and eliminate the cancer. As you may already know, if following implants, the cancer reoccurs, surgery is no longer an option.

    I always caution people that all people are not the same, therefore all results are not the same. However, I have never regretted my decision to have surgery. I was 58 when I had it, was totally recovered in less than 6 months, and remain cancer free after 2 1/2 yrs. If you would like to communicate more privately don't hesitate to contact me at my personal e-mail ([email protected]) or though my profile on this site.

    Best of luck on making your decision.

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    You seem to have detected your PCa early. The numbers of your tests show that it is a low risk situation. Please check out www.llu.edu and find out about proton beam therapy. It has a success rate exceeding that of surgery and minimal dise effects.
    I have had this treatment and is by far the best invasive with the best results.

    Good Luck.
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    Everyone I know who chose radiation still has a sex life.....not so with those who had surgery.
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    I had prostate cancer in 2001 and stayed on the computer day and night looking at cures and cure rates. the best cure rate is in atlanta george at rcog. you can go there at www.rcog.net doing fine with no side affects. good luck check them out
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    I am 41, was diagnosed in march of this year and had a gleason score of 6. I had the rp done and had sex within 6 weeks after surgery. If I had the money I would have had the lrp done. I asked my doctor about the nerve sparing procedured, which he was able to do because the cancer was still confined to the prostate. So you need to talk to your doctor. Also, fyi, I was on the table for over 5 hours! but they are useing the word cured. Good luck!