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RCC diagnosed in 2/2003

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Hi ya'll -- I turned 60 four weeks after my dx of RCC. I had been healthy and VERY active, and had never been hospitalized. I woke up one morning urinating blood, so went to the ER, where they warned me that this could be cancer, and sent me directly to the urologist who did IVP, CT, XR, blood cultures, etc. I was sent home and before I got home, I had SEVERE pain, and called him back, and he said I was probably passing a kidney stone, and prescribed Vicodin for pain. I began attempting to pass clots, and could not urinate for days. Was told to get in a tub of hot water and roll from side to try to urinate and pass those clots. (I know this is gross, but DO NOT IGNORE bleeding)

Well, to make a long and painful story short, the doctors thought the cancer had spread to my vena cava, renal vein, ovarian vein, and lymph nodes from my kidney. They decided to remove the kidney, rather than attempt any kind of treatment. An incision was made beginning on my left side and extending across my front past my midline just above my waist line -- very large incision due to the very large tumor in the kidney. My left kidney was removed, and after surgery, the surgeon said that had gotten all the cancer -- that the cancer was contained within the kidney and had created its own blood vessels all over the place, and that is the reason that it did not get into my blood.

I, like most of you, am still very anxious/scared about it being elsewhere, or coming back. I went for my 3-month checkup last week and had blood work and chest x-ray done, and all was normal. I have 3-month followup-appointments for the next 2 years, then 6-month followups.

Thus far, no treatment has been necessary, as the cancer was contained within my left kidney, and it is now gone. I just thank God for his healing powers. He is the only one that knows where the rest of the cancer (that I supposedly had) went!

To God be the Glory!

Will report to you in October after my 6-month checkup, which includes CT of abd and pelvis and mammogram.

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God Bless! Thanks for the report. Some doctors can come up with strange ideas - sitting in the tub and rocking isn't one of their best. I had one of those nagging back pains and suggested a UTI. My PA set me up with a sono which led to an mri the next day and diagnosis in God bless,

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