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Neutron radiation for parotid tumor

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Hi there,

I have a persistent pleomorphic adenoma near my brain stem and parotid and am trying to decide whether I should go ahead with 4 weeks of neutron radiation or continue with the watchful waiting. I currently get MRIs once a year and so far, the tumor hasn't grown in size, but it's changing and the borders are getting more definite. The doctors I've seen so far haven't really given a recommendation either way (for treatment or not). They keep saying it's up to me!

I'm going to the otolaryngologist Monday to see if he has an opinion. I'd like to talk with someone who has had neutron radiation of the head. The oncology radiologist mentioned a lot of pain is involved and I'm quite the coward. On the other hand, 4 weeks of pain might be better than no options at all. Thanks for any help. Either post here or contact me at rstroud34@hotmail.com

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