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My friend has metasticized breast cancer. I have been one of her supports as she continues to battle with the spread to several areas of her skull, her pelvis, lower back, as well as endures the painful effects from radiation burns to sensitive areas. We are goign for a CAT scan today and fear spread to brain tissue. She has been has light flashes, some headaches, and numbness. What are the other signs?

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They differ according to where the tumor is. My other symptoms were difficulty walking, trouble typing and signature went south meaning I had trouble writing. Mostly motor skills problems and also very bad headaches, particularly in the morning. That was my major signal because I was not a headache person. Hope this is helpful and wish your friend good luck on the scan.

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Does anybody know of any other symptoms to brain tuma, im fearing that I have it yet the doctor hasnt said anything. They keep saying its stress but I feel its not as I dont have anyhing to stress about. Recently I have been getting really bad headaches, plus iv lost my sight quite rapidly which i am very baffled about. Anyone else fill me in about any other symptoms please? Thanks...

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