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Bladder Removable

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My Bladder is going to be removed August 16 because of Bladder Cancer. I want to know the Pros and Cons of the 3 different types of urine exits. Which is best,The Bag on the side, the Stoma on the belly or the other method thru the penis. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Any info will be helpful. I'm especially interested in exit thru the penis, but I'm sure there are some disadvantages to that also!

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Since I am female, issues are a little different, but I was offered three options - the bag, the stoma with the bag inside made of your intestines, and the fake bladder made from intestines. My doctor actually encouraged the stoma with pouch inside but I was hesitant about catherizing myself everyday and also about infections, and I heard sometimes with the fake bladder, it is not always easy to pressure the urine out and you may have to catherize. Although, I must say I talked to some people who had the inner pouch and they were happy with it. I did not talk to anyone who had the fake bladder. I chose the outside bag, and I'm happy with it. I would ask your doctor or hospital to give you some information on who you could talk to personnaly to give you some input. They do have some local chapters of United Ostomy Associations. I think there is a website www.uoa.com. where you can probably get a phone #. I don't have it handy right now. Hope this helps.

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My bladder cancer ws discovered 7 years previous to surgery. During that time I had tumors removed several times and was administerd BCG. Eventually the cancer became agressive and went through the wall into muscle neccesitating removal of the bladeer Because of the same tissue being in them, my urethra and prostate were removed also. I was given a stoma on my right side at the belt line as the Lincoln could not be installed. After a period of using several different kinds of urostomy bags, I settled on Active Life as it was the only one that would stay put most of the time. I went through radiation, and chemo for varying lengths of time after which I was given a 10% chance of maybe two more years. That was over ten years ago. The bag is livable and has given no unwanted tender other that becoming worn and leaking at times which can be done away with by changing it frequently. Because removal of the urethra in a male creates impotancy, there is fear in many, however there are several ways this can be gotten around, and that depends on the reccomendations of the oncologist, urology, and health of the patient. Getting used to the use of the urostomy bag is the largest hindrance but again, this is just a minor problem.
all told, the things you have to out up with are worth much more than the alternative.

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I have the fake bladder made from intestine and I could't be happier. Works very well. It's 14 months since surgery and just last week I stopped wearing maxi-pads at night. Still getting better. Daytime is leak free and I use all my own plumbing. Surgeon for me was Dr. Sagalowsky at Zale Lipshy in Dallas, TX. I had bladder, prostate and appendix removed. It's over a year, and my impotency is even getting better still today. Granted, I don't like to pee while standing...much easier to sit. Big deal. (yes, I hear all you women snickering at me).

More info? BurbankScuba@aol.com

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I am having to make a decision as to a bag or a bladder from my intestine. My docotr prefers the later. I play golf, travel and like to swim. Could you help me by explaining what prompted you to opt for the process you used. How long was the recovery? How long was the operation? I am listed as military but I can also be reached at chooser@earthlink.net. Any help and clarification would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I am now 31 and I had a Neo-bladder put insidce me a year ago. I am still having troubles holding back my urien from time to time, but I do not have to worry about messing with the bag. If I bend over to pick up something I will leak a little. If I keep going every couple hrs or so during the day I am good and I can sleep most of the night without going. I do not feel the need to go anymore so that is why I go every couple hrs or so. I have learned how to feel the differance right before it comes out in most cases that is and I can use the musles to hold it until I can reach a place if I do in in a min. or two. I find myslef getting really depressed from this but if I had the bag I would get more upset because of all the maintance to it. I do not know if it makes any differance but I had myprostrate removed the same time.

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Brian hope it's ok to ask you some questions regarding your neobladder. My dad is 71 and has recurring bladder cancer after several bouts with BCG and Interferon....keeps coming back. His Dr at the University Hosp in Charleston SC performs many of these neo procedures, but my dad always takes the Doc's word for it. I'd like to be able to connect him with some folks that have actually had it done and can speak honestly about it. Any info you can pass along is so appreciated. I might pass your comments or email to him if that's ok. Not sure if you know others that are older and went through it...I know you're pretty young at 31. I hope you are doing well and enjoy the holidays.



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No problem, As I said in the other one tell him to call me and he can ask what ever or I can just tell since I talk much anyways (lol). My number is (270) 789-7739 and anytime in the late afternoon is great.

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Hi, since I am a female, my comments may not be appropriate for your dad. It seems most of the persons on here are young. I am 67 and had my bladder removed last year. Since I had no other choices due to the stage of the cancer, I have the stoma and the bag on my side. I have had no problems at all. Of course the bag is a nuisance, but I don't consider the maintenance excessive, just another nuisance. I started my chemo only one month after the surgery. It was a very long surgery 6-8 hours, but my recovery went well with no problems. I am very encouraged by the 10 survivor, as that is always a concern.

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