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Recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's

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I am a 22 year old male recently diagnosed with hodgkins in May. I have been on ABVD treatments for 2 months. To say the least I am scared out of my mind but I have been able to keep strong in front of friends and family. Now I am at the point where I have alot to talk about but really nobody to talk to. The place I recieve my treatments at tell me they have counseling etc. but I don't think I am ready to talk about this face to face with a stranger let alone an entire group. It is not that I am afraid of them but afraid of myself. If anyone who has or has had this disease like to exchange emails I would appreciate it.


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Hi Joe
I was 22 when I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Stage IIIA. I was treated with radiation and MOPP. If you'd like to correspond via email, my addy is pglasser1@lycos.com.

I'm 56 years old now, married, 2 kids, normal life.

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Hi Joe,
I'm 24 was also diagnosed with HD, state IIIB in May. I have had 4 treatments and would love to talk. I also understand about holding up a strong front to my family and friends. I don't want people to think I'm sick. Let me know if you want to talk. My email is ilaina8@aol.com

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Hi Joe, I was 26 when i was diagnosed, I am 31 now. I am currently in year 5 of being a survivor, but it has been a long road. I did 6 months of ABVD and 20 treatments of radiation, and I'm not sure which treatment kicked my butt more. I had a hard time asking my family for help, and I hated to let anyone think that I wasn't as stong as I had always been, but you know what? They all knew. And they still loved me and they let me get mad and yell when I needed to. Nobody truly understands how lonely it is to have cancer, except someone who has or had cancer. I never thought that my life would be normal ever again, but it did and I am a better person for having cancer. Hang in there, I know how hard it is. But it gets better, just don't give up!

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Hey, Joe. I am a 28 year old Hodgkins survivor. I just finished treatment a few months back and the doctors have given me a clean bill of health for now. I've been fighting some residual fatigue and depression, but for the most part I'm healthy and feel lucky to be alive. Believe it or not, this sort of adversity can have a positive effect on you.

I remember when I was on chemo, I went out to a club and happen to bump into this other bald guy. He asked me specifically if I was on chemotherapy, and I said yes. Turns out, he himself was a cancer survivor. I don't remember what kind he had, but it was something with a "20% survival rate" (much more hardcore than Hodgkins). He was 2 1/2 years removed from treatment, and still no reoccurances. Then he told me something that I never forgot. He said, "you know, we're lucky to have had it." Not lucky to have survived it mind you, but lucky to have had the experience. It was weird, but I understood what he meant. At that moment, some drunk people were getting kicked out of the club and being yelled and cursed at by employees. He turned back to me and said, "see, those people just don't get it." It was an eye-opening encounter.

Anyway, I should just say that you're going to get through this. Don't be ashamed to ask for help or someone to talk to. Do what you can to live a normal life. If you don't have the energy to do something now make it your goal after treatment to build up your stamina to be able to do it later. That is when the real battle begins, after all. And of course, you can always talk to me or anyone else here if you want. The knowledge and experience of the folks on this site is vast. Feel free to take advantage of it as I have. It's all part of addressing the issue of your health and happiness.

If you have the time, watch Godzilla movies. That always helps me!

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Sorry to hear about your diagnose, needless to say I know some of what you are feeling. Last August (when I was 22) I was diagnosed with HD Stage 2A. Since then I've completed ABVD and 18 treatments of radiation. I recently found out that I'm in remission but it was a long road there. I am here to answer any questions you have or if you need to talk. I didn't recieve any counseling to get to where I am now but I found alot of support through this website. Please email me if I can help.

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There's lots of us out here to talk to! Also try the chat room on this site, it's a great place to vent, share, laugh, cry, listen, be heard, whatever. Try it!

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Hi Joe,
My name is Michael and i am a leukemia survivor. I was diagnosed when I was 21 and I am now 29 and in remission 7 years. Its a long road, and sometimes pain and nausea meds dont remove all your discomfort. I think it is great that you are taking small steps to help yourself deal with the fear, which all of us have or had. Thats normal, and talking to people that have had cancer really helps. Here is my website: www.geocities.com/leukemia_lymphoma
I hope you decide to take advantage of some of the cou8nseling programs at the treatment center. God Bless

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Hey, My name Is Greg from California. (I'm 31) There are thousands of us out here just like you. We worried, we were and are somtimes scared. You are young and will pull through this. You body is an awsome machine! I will be a 1 year survivor comming up on September 11, 2003. (Nice date huh?) Whoop ol' HD's butt and welcome yourself back to the human race after that. BUY the book, Cancer Survivors Cookbook! It will help you with the side effects of chemo and or radiation. Good luck and realize that you are a cancer survivor already. Anyone may write me @ longdriving@yahoo.com Take care!!

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Hi! I've just recently been diagnosed with Hodgkins too! I'm scared, depressed, and i have no one to talk to either! my email adresse is diva1122@opendiary.com lets talk!

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I can understand how you feel. I was in your situation three years ago now. I was had just completed a full year of having Hodgkin's and going to college (without knowing I actually had the cancer). I was diagnosed and was put through 6 cycles of ABVD. I was scared out of my mind. There were no support groups for young adults going through treatment, in fact, I was the only adult in my age group being treated for cancer at the time. My main source of support during that time were friends, family, and other things to keep my mind distracted (crossword puzzles). I hope you start to feel better do not hestitate to contact me.

chris t
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Hey, My name is Chris and I was diagnosed at 21 with non-hodgkins lymphoma. After a battery of inconclusive tests and finally an open chest surgery, my Dr. had me and my whole family together in a board room and said "Chris, you have cancer". I was stunned for a second or two, then looked him square in the eye and said "let's kick it's *** Doc!" I put on the strong front right off the bat and never looked back.
Positive Mental Attitude is the prerequiette for survival. If you can picture yourself healing, you will. If you can see yourself anywhere down the road, you will arrive; you will survive! Now, at 42 years young, I have 2 boys and a different outlook on life. I now have a severe case of "chemo-brain" which never went away for me. I can't remember much of anything on a day-to-day, have trouble focusing, concentrating, and remembering simple tasks. I've had numerous jobs (over 80) in the past 20 years because I can't function well in the work place. I've applied and been turned down numerous time for disability. I also have a neurological disorder we believe stems from the chemo. I have multiple symptoms which look like a cross between MS and Parkinsons, and I'm in constant pain, but it's great to still be alive! My e-mail is ctheibault@yahoo.com and I am always available for chat and counceling. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!

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Hey Joe,

My name is Barbara and I am a 34 year Hodgkin's survivor. Hang in there. Please email me if you would like to vent...my email address is btrapasso@comcast.net.

You will be in my prayers.

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Hi! Tomorrow I will be a 5 year Hodgkin's survivor! I just want to say that I can kind of understand your fears. There are lots of us out there that can help you! It's going to be tough, but there is so much life to live, and it's worth going through all the treatments etc. to get there! Just remember you are unique and everyone is going to react differently to the different medications etc. For example, every drug I took (ABVD)I was told would make me lose my hair. Much to the doctors, nurses, and my amazement, I did not lose all my hair. Mine was a little bit thinner in the end, but I did not lose much. SO just keep that in mind when you talk to people, that just because one person's body reacted one way, doesn't mean that yours will. It may and it may not. Keep your chin up, and keep a positive attitude as much as possible. I truly believe that when people start to feel depressed, it makes it much more difficult to fight the cancer. You will be in my prayers.

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When I was diagnosed in February 2007, I was in the emergency room. I had ignored too many warnings...nausea, high temps, pain. They told me I had stage 4 and that it was in my lungs, liver, spleen, stomache and lymph nodes. My daughter was an RN on the ward that night in the same hospital and she was present as well. While everyone cried at the diagnosis, I felt quite calm somehow. I looked forward to feeling better and believed that if I was to live, then it would be so. I am still clear although statistics say I that at my age of 53, I will most likely see it return. I have learned to live in the moment...every day is precious. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay positive, fight and always, always stand.

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