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What Are The Symptoms IN DETAIL

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I will be going Monday for an ultra sound. My grandma to my fathers side had thyroid cancer in her early thirties but no one can seem to remember what type as her children were very young at the time. It was purely by chance that the Doctor stumbled upon my enlarged thyroid because I was initially there to get a referral to see a neurologist for narcolepsy. She saw on my medical history that I had a tonsillectomy and she asked if they took my adenoids or checked my thyroid. Upon her saying 'thyroid' I remembered that my grandma had this cancer. After I told her that she immediately began examining my neck. She said my thyroid was enlarged and it could have cysts on it or it may be malignant. I didn't quite absorb what she said until the next day when I told my parents over the phone and I broke down in tears. I started this search about what the symptoms are...every web site says the same things...hoarseness, neck pain, difficulty breathing & swallowing and of course an enlarged thyroid. This is great in all, but can anyone be more descriptive about the hoarseness and neck pain. Where in the neck? and is the hoarseness constant or does one have to clear their throat from time to time. Sitting alone I went over and over these...and I can clearly say that yes I have all of these symptoms. I never associated these problems to anything because I didn't know there was anything wrong. When I take vitamins, I prefer to take my children's chewable vitamins because it always felt like they were getting caught right around where my thyroid is. I have a very noticeable lump in my throat all the time...sort of like when you are holding back to cry and you get that lump in your throat except not so extreme. Basically I'm just asking people to please list what their symptoms were in detail. Thank you.

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For me the first and only one that lead me to a doctor was I could see a lump on one side of my throat. I had remembered a show I had seen on T.V. years ago about thyroid problems and "The Test". You take a drink of water hold it in your month, tilt your head back and swallow. Watch in a mirror as you swallow if you see the lump on your neck move it might mean thyroid problems. It was this test that lead me to ask a doctor about my lump. Let me know what your ultra sound shows. If you need to talk you can write me at .. lisaspiegel1966@hotmail.com

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Hi. I was complaining for years I did not have any energy and that I just wanted to sleep. I also complained of not being able to swallow. I was told I had reflux by and ENT. I kept telling the doctors that the swallowing was getting worse that i felt like there was a constant lump there. I also had cronic sinus infections. If I can be of any help. Write me at lmedlin69@aol.com.

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My mom was diagnosed in January and just had her 2nd surgery last month. You're symptoms are exactly the same. She was always clearing her throat, and chronic sinus infections. Her's was found my accident at a physical. But it's taken a long time (in my opinion) to get the surgery. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer - I was diagnosed on Monday - surgery Thursday same week. My biggest concern is it safe to wait so long? What does this do to her treatment options? Is it going to require additional treatment/s because they made her wait? How are you doing? And do you have any insight that might be helpful for us? Thanks and I hope all is going well for you.

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The most predominant symtom is a lump in the neck. Mine was on the left side and turned out to be a tumor. However, there are many different types of thyroid issues - I would recommend that you ask your doctor these questions too. I had some hoarseness and some difficulty singing (I am a singer) right before my surgery. Now I don't have any issues at all. Some people also experience weight gain/loss.

Hope this helps.

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