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Dark Fingernails-After Chemo is over, do they clear up?

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That's my only question. The dark color is spreading from the bed of the nail up toward the top of the fingernail. After chemo is over how long (if at all) does it take to clear up?

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It's been approx. 5.5 months since my very last taxotere chemo and the darkened fingernails take up two-thirds of each nail now. The dark part is kinda brownish. When I was on A/C they really looked black or striped. I used light pink nail polish when they were really dark. I don't know if this is an average recovery though.

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Yes mine cleared up fine. Cant remember now how long it took but I was concerned at one stage that I was going to loose some nails both on hands and feet (didn't happen). Wouldn't worry too much. I believe there is nothing you can do about this problem ie nail creams it must take its course. Hope this helps.

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Hello there,
I had a dark line appear for every session of AC I had..My fingernails looked like zebra. I didn't get lines with Taxol. So..my nails just grew and it eventually grew out. They didn't just disappear. I thought of it like...people spend big bucks for the type of nails I had.
Good luck and God Bless.

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My nails started to seperate at the tips but have not fallen off. My last Taxo treatment was Nov 2, 2011. I am in 100 percent remission now and the doctor only told me that they will grow back when my hair grows back. My nails are thick, dark and yellowish. So far I have just trimmed them as they grow out and get brittle. Any other ideas would be helpful.

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Double Whammy
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I guess I'm a little slow. My last chemo (taxotere and cytoxin) was Sept. 2010. I lost my last toenail in June of 2011! That's 9 months after chemo. My nails didn't turn dark, they just sort of peeled back like an onion and none of this started until long after chemo was over. I thought I skipped that part. Not. I kept my nails short so they wouldn't catch on anything and kept polish on them to hold them together. I think that's all you can do. Not all of my nails were effected. When one would finally come off, there was a new nail underneath. I guess it was a good thing they didn't come off until the new nail was full formed.


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Yes they will eventually clear up.  It's been since March that I had an allergic reaction to taxtere and taxol (chemo therapy) and my nails turned a very dark brown, fingers, feet and hands as well and lost the nails.  There was extensive blistering on both hands and feet (couldn't walk) before losing nails.  They are growing out now, however, I have severe neuropothy (spelling?) on end of fingers and toes.  The nails seem to be stronger than before, but it has been a trial.  The Doc wants to give me neuropothy medication but I don't want to take it.  So I will be patient and wait.  God has been my best friend through this ordeal.  Hang in there, it will get better.  I guarantee it!   Take Care!!Smile  

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I am just starting to get them after chemo #5.  Hoping I don't lose my nails or that they come back before my daughter's wedding (4/2014).

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During my 12 Taxotere rounds I lost 8 fingernails and 2 toenails. That was after they became discolored and ridged. It was rather fascinating in a gross way. Since it is now 3 years since my last chemo infusion I cannot really remember how long it took for them to all grow back. I guess my point is that they DID grow back. They look the same as they did prior to chemo but I do believe that they are not quite as strong as they used to be. They seem to chip and split more easily. That I can deal with. Hope you  do as well.


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I lost  fingernails & toenails --   it took about 6 - 8 months to regrow --.  Long time,  but I got there. 


Patience ..   I keep my feet protected at night with wearing white cotton socks -- snag's with sheets, blankets brothered my nail-less toes.


Good luck ..  Vicki Sam

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