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Help me support her!

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My mother in law was just diagnosed with lung cancer in one lung. After a recent scan, it was discovered to also be in her lymph nodes. They can not operate due to the size and will therefore be giving her chemo and radiation first. She is a very private person and I am unsure how to help. She was so considerate through my cervical cancer treatment last year, that I want to be there for her! Please respond with ideas or examples of what helped in your situations. She is 64. How difficult will the treatments be? Thank you for your help!

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I had a large squamous cell in left lung late 2001. The doctor was hesitant to do surgery. I had 2 doses of taxol and cysplatin (sp) and it shrunk some. But when they did surgery they had to remove the entire left lung.The chemo really didn't bother me-just leg ach a couple of days each time. I didn't have rad. I was 69 , had chemo on Thurs and bowled in league on Fri,Now a second primary lesion right lung too deep to operate.Bonnie

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Bonnie- Thank you for your quick response. It gives me hope to hear your story. My mother-in-law is the kind of grandmother that children dream of. I pray that my children have her here for a very long time. Lung cancer seems so scary. I hope that with your recent recurrence that you have a support network. If you need someone to talk to ever, you could e-mail me at GSMETANA@wi.rr.com. God Bless You and thank you for the hope.

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Joining a support group and meeting people that had "been there done that" helped me so much...make sure she is 100 percent confident in her doctors..just support her whenever she asks and let her "talk" whenever she needs to...

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Hi I am Jackie 35 years old with NSCLC stage 3b I had chemop radiation and chemo taxol and carbo in 2002 I was in remission for 5 months and now back in treatment Gemzar. I did not have much problems with treatment, joint pain alittle tired for a day or so, but ok after that. Just be ther for her, no matter what, keep a positive attitude all the time. Let her know you care and check on her to show you care. I thought I had friends but once Dx, they seemed to stop calling and coming to see me. We need support wheather we are happy, sad, angry, ect.... Alot goes through your mind as you ell know when Dx with cancer. Best of luck and God Bless you all.

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When I was diagnosed with lung cancer, I just wanted to talk about it. I did lots of research and asked lots of questions. My family didn't want to talk about it, but it helped me accept it. I explained to them that it really helped me talk so they put up with me. Once I got talked out, I had a very positive attitude and decided it wasn't going to get the best of me. I really think the attitude helps beat it and helps in the recovery. Keep positive for her and let her talk about it even if you don't want to hear it. I was overwhelmed how much support I got from friends and family. Everyone was there when I needed them.

Everyone handles the news differently.

Go to the doctor with her if you can, make a list of questions, take notes, and just console her.

Good luck, she is very lucky to have family like you that wants to help!!!


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