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I was doing a search, my doctor told me that this is not a common cancer? It seems to me it is. The 3rd degree burns, the pain from the inside of the anal area. Not being able to hold no#2 at all. The doctors are suppose to give you a break! If you need one even if you are not in alot of pain, take a 4 day it really helps it helped me!


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    I trust you are felling better by this time (9-6-03)? Having undergone 30 pelvic radiation treatments, I found a combination of topical products provided the best relief. Monistat cream applied vaginally each morning and evening and at various times during the day over the entire outer area; Desitin applied around the anal area; Aquaphor applied in the creases of your legs (where your panty leg touches your skin); and Vagisil when the itching/burning were just unbearable. I am three weeks post-treatment and my skin has returned to normal. Good luck. Juanita