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I am but only 15 years old. I am scared, Two of my cousins have both diagonsed with cervical cancer. My mother wants me to see a doctor. But i am not comfortable with myself let alone let someone else look at me. What should i do?

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Go see your doctor- being worried about someone looking at you is a whole lot easier then dealing with the implicaitons of an advanced cancer. It can never hurt to have the piece of mind an exam can give you. While you are a young and your mom may be over reacting, you would still benefit from a visit to your OBGYN. The exams, while a little embarassing, are over quickly and usually have little or no "pain." Make sure you have an opportunity to talk to your dr and get comfortable before having your exam and see if you, mom, & the dr can sit down and talk about the risks and preventative measures you can take. Your dr may feel it is not neccessary at this time to have an exam, but your mom probably needs to hear that from his/her mouth. Good luck!

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Don't you think it would be a lot scarier not knowing? Sure, it can be uncomfortable but think of the little bit of time (45 minutes) spent asking the questions and getting checked out. What scares you? Talk about your fears and they don't seem so big. In order to beat this, you have to go in for early check ups. I waited and waited and waited and my future was compromised. No one will take care of your body for you, but you. Take charge, girlfriend. THink of the strength that you have inside already. Posting this on the internet shows how strong you already are. You can do it. Go to the doctor. Run, don't walk, before you lose your nerve. Ha Ha

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don't be scared cervical cancer is not hereditary or how ever you spell it lol as long as you are not sexualy active you should be fine you will be fine

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