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Hi everyone! As a public service announcement I want to let you all know about the promising cancer treatment called Controlled Amino Acid Therapy (CAAT). I have been volunteering there for 3 years and have seen and heard of many patients responding. I have even answered the phone and spoken to oncologists requesting our patient brochures because their patients who are on CAAT have been responding so well.

My favorite part of the job is when patients call to say the cancer stopped growing, their tumors are shrinking or they disappeared. This is the reason for this posting. I feel a moral commitment to let people know about this treatment! I would suggest you seriously investigate this by emailing me at cancervolunteer@optonline.net, or if you prefer, you can go to the website to read about this treatment. I am enclosing the link. If you visit the website, feel free to email me directly while you are there.

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hey thanks for the info. I assume this falls under alternative meds? I can't seem to find many here who embrace the alternatives only like I did, but I keep trying....hoping to connect. I know what you mean about feeling a moral commitment to share....


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