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Low white count

dances with cancer
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My wife has recently undergone her 4th chemo (sisplatin/ifosfamide) and she can't continue her next two until she acheives a count of 5 (she's already had 14 days of nupagin(sp). Is there anything we can do - diet, supplements, etc.? We're very fortunate that her stage IV status has been reduced to a CA125 of 16 and we don't want to screw things up! Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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More quality protein and B complex should help. Nutrient rich diet: e.g. Chicken soup: carrot, celery, potato, tomato, cabbabge, cauliflower, chicken. Have some chicken or pork liver. If you are near a Chinese Herbal shop,ask about Cordyceps. Lots of rest. Take care, Jo

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My oncologist suggested that I get white blood cell shots daily - 7 days after each treatment. My husband gave them to me. When he wasn't available, I learned to give them to myself. This did the trick!


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Hi my name is caregiver, im here to talk

Your friend Caregiver

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I am wondering if y know of any side effects frm Nupogen. Thanks

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I didn't have any side effects with those shots.
Only black and blue marks.

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Hello! Congratulations on your progress so far. Ask your doctor about Neulasta--it's a time-release drug for stimulating white cell production, so you only need one injection the day after chemo. I had to receive a chemo treatment even though my white count was only 2.3. I got the shot of Neulasta, and three weeks later my count is up to 3.2--no problem for chemo treatment yesterday. The only side effect is bone pain. I got some pain in my right hip and leg that lasted only a day and was easily treated with Tylenol. Best of luck to you,

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