Uterine Cancer

I am soon to be 41 years old. In August of 2002 I was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer and in Sept. of 2002 I had a radical hysterectomy. I was told that the cancer had not breached the lining and therefore was gone. I have just recently discovered two lumps in my armpit and was wondering if anyone has heard of any relation between different types of cancer. I am going to my doctor and will most likely have a biopsy but surely I can't be so unlucky as to have cancer twice? Anyone have any thoughts? Maybe I'm just being paranoid. Thanks.


  • NancyBee
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    jlizp62, yes, my oncologist told me that uterine cancer and breast cancer often go 'hand-in-hand.'(It's something to do with estrogen.) I had endometrial/uterine cancer in Dec. 1999. After a total abdominal hysterectomy, plus a layer of lymph nodes removed in Jan. 2000, I was told the cancer was contained. It was 5% into the endometrial lining. I know it's been awhile since you posted the message, but I'm new to the network. Did you have your biopsy?
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    uterine cancer
    hi, i just had a hysterectomy in august, it was encapsulated in the uterus and the nodes were fine but unfortunately it was a sarcoma, i have been told that those with sarcomas only have a 50 chance of survival, as u can imagine i am quite anxious, i am 55 years old and awaiting the drs decision on what to do next
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    Lightning Strikes

    I'm sorry, but lightning can strike twice, or even three times. Sometimes it's genetic, and sometimes it is hormone-related. Either way, get it checked out quickly. Fast action means better outcomes. I have been hit by lightning twice and I plan on getting VERY old!