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dealing with loss

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I lost my mother two years ago to lung cancer and still miss her SO much!! My sisters and I had never experienced caring for the terminally ill and I still have nightmares about it all.I would like to connect with other people who have lost parents to this form of cancer. I am 37; my mom was only 55 when she died. Does it ever get easier?

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Hi, I am Jackie, I have stage 3b lung cancer and I am 35 years old with a 13 and 7 year old. I just want to say..Don't live your life remembering the day she died, but to live each day remembering the days she lived and shared with you and your sister.. Here is a great quote from a girl named erin who passed, she wrote.. people judge life by how many breaths they have taken, but really need to realize how many time or moments that have taken your breath away.. God bless you and I am sorry for your loss..

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Hi. I just lost my Dad last week. He had stage iv-nsc and it was terrible. I have had so many emotions going thru my head and heart that sometimes I feel sick. Even though it has only been a week, I can say this...I saw how my Dad was living, in fact he was not living, just holding on for us, and it was not fair to ask him to fight, to endoure such crap(pardon) that he did so we, the healthy could watch him suffer. He had a great father's day. We had all his friend over and we talked and laughed and just enjoyed the day as a family and a normal house full of life. My Dad died knowing all of us loved him so much, and I am happy that he is off fishin' somewhere with my Papa , in a place where he can breathe without stress and pain. So think of the time you had with your Mom, think of all the good things she taught you, that you will pass along to your children, and know that part of her still lives on in you, everyday! Our parents want the best for us, and I'm sure she would not want you feeling so much pain over her loss. Celebrate her life and be happy that she does not have to suffer any longer.
*** Take care of yourself. ***
I am 30 years old, to be married this November, and I am saddened that he will not be there physically, but he will always be with me in my heart, and thats what counts! -Casey :O)

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Hi, I lost my daddy 2 years ago June 9, 2001, to Small Cell Carcinoma of the lungs. It was a horrible experience for us also. I still mourn for him too. However, I try NOT to focus on the bad times in the hospital..but the good times we shared as a family.
I think of him often. I even talk to him. I know in my heart he sees and hears us. He is still here..but not in our earthly way.
Just know they are still with us. They hear us and see us.
I truly believe if you look and listen and open up your heart..you will feel their presence.
Take care.

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My husband died of small cell lung cancer in Feb this year. I cannot come to terms with it at all. I want to be where he is. I do not believe in god or the like ...all I know is that we go where we came from and that is a place which does not make me feel so in pain any more.
He knew how I was going to feel we spoke about it. Cancer is such a sh1t. I was so full of hope dispite knowing the odds.

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hello i lost my dad November 10th 2003 i am hoping it gets easier

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