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oligodendroglioma -last hope

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My husband Ron, who is 45, has a high grade oligodendroglioma. He was diagnosed in May 92 and has done extremely well considering. He has had 6 operations, radiotherapy and chemotherapy - PCV, gliadel wafers and Temozolomide.
However our doctors say there is nothing more that they can do. He is now on morphine and 16mg of dexamethasone daily and is doing better than the doctors thought he would.
Surgery is no longer viable and he is seemingly not eligible for any clinical trials because of all the other treatments he has had. They have advised us that it is too dangerous for him to fly and we live in Scotland in the UK.
We are both determined not to give up on him, we have 2 young children.
If anyone has any advice on anything that may help I would be really grateful.

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It's been two months since you posted, I hope that you have found some answers. My advice, if you can find a place that offers hope (Duke Brain Tumor Center is where my mom is being treated) ignore the doctors and get there. Have you read "Making Miracles Happen" by Gregory Smith...it's about dealing with the medical profession and getting the best treatment that is available. It was a huge eye opener for me. God bless.

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I am in therapy (radiation) for oligodendroglioma. I can only offer alternatives to seeking third and fourth opinions. There are alternative treatments out there that you have probably tried. - Antineoplastons - Vitamin B-17 - Apricot kernels - A new one that I have heard about is Delta-24-RGD... a virus that only kills cancer cells... God Bless and I hope for the best.

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Is it possible for you to find out who the best docs are in Britain and Western Europe, then get second opinions from those physicians by sending his medical info to them?

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