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Lung removal next week

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My mother was just told she will have to have her left lung removed next week due to stage 1 non-small lung cancer. I know stage 1 is a blessing at this point and we hope all of the cancer will be taken out. We are not sure if it has spread to the lymph nodes.

My main question is regarding benefits or goverment assistance if she is in the hospital for an extended time. She works for Home Depot and does not make a lot of money. I don't think she has any type of medical leave that covers work leave and they say she will be out for at least 6 weeks. She is more worried about paying rent and bills than the cancer and she really needs to relax and focus on getting the treatment. Are there any programs that help in a situation like this? My family does not have much money to help either.

Any info on recovery from this type of cancer (the tumor is 2x3 cm) and/or info on financial assistance if there are any programs would be appreciated.

Thank you and my prayers are with everyone who has family members battling with this disease.

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Dear Steve:

My Mom had a portion of her lung removed several years ago because of cancer. She is now 88 and thriving....I wish you blessings. Sorry I cannot be of help with benefits...Amer. Cancer Society has info that may be of help...

Prayers your way.


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Hi, I was diagnosed with stage 1 nsclc, and had surgery in March 2002. I had surgery to remove a the upper left lung. There was no cancer in the lymphnodes and had not spread anywhere else. Since the only cancer was removed with surgery, I did not need chemo or radiation!!! I have been told many times how lucky I was to catch it so early.

Recovery seemed somewhat slow, although my Dr. said I did very well. I went back to work after 7 weeks.

Sorry I can't help you with any agencies to help but like someone else said the American Cancer Society or American Lung Asso. may be able to help.

Good Luck


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I had entire left lung removed 20 mo ago. there was no lymph node involvement. Got back to doing all previous activities except pushing lawn mower. sleep with oxygen. Best of luck to your mother. sorry I don't know about financial aid. BLT

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I had my left lung removed in Oct. of 02. It was stage 111A 4x6cm. Try Patient advocate Foundation 1-800-532-5274 or www.patientadvocate.org Also Cancer care, Inc. 1-800-813-4673 www.cancercare.org Good Luck

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