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Hello all, my mother had a lung x-ray yesterday, after having health problems for several months. The doctor looked very concerned when he returned with the results and told her she needed a CT scan as soon as possible. I know this sounds devoid of emotion, but I'm so numb. Please if anyone can just say that there have been survivors tell me! My mother and I have such a close relationship, this all feels like a bad dream. Help...

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Yes there are survivors!!! In every stage of cancer people are beating this disease. Hang in there and remember to ask all the questions you can think of. Write a list of them and learn everything you can. The more information you and your mom have, the better the odds of beating this disease! Good luck!
Margo Lubbers

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Hi Joy'sdaughter. There is hope. I am a survivor of non-small cell lung cancer. Don't give up hope. Have Faith in God and Maintain a Politive attitude. "YOU CAN DO IT".
Good Luck, KyRambler

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Hi Joys Daughter, I'm a long time lung cancer surviver, I had it in my left lung in 1987 and again in my right lung in 1991. It was different cancers, the first time was adenocarcinoma and the second timewas large cell. I now have 1/2 of my left lung and not quite 3/4 of my right lung. I lead a very normal life. Lung cancer is not always a death sentence any more, so don't get too scared until you get the report on the ct scan. If it is caught early enough she stands a real good chance, and they have so many different chemos now and radiation. If you need to talk further email me at jodnns@aol.com
Betty Jones

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Hello Joy;
My very best to you and your mom, I too will join the list of the survivors. Like your mom, mine started with an x-ray, then a ct scan which located the tumor, yes I was absolutely terrified. A bronchoscopy followed which confirmed the cancer and a pneumonectomy was performed 2 weeks later ( left lung removed ); that was over two years ago. Life is not what it used to be but thats OK, I get along just fine and in many ways enjoy and appreciate things like I had never done before. I'll keep you and your mom in my prayers!
God bless, be well and know you are not alone!
Bobmc-NSCLC- stage IIB- left pneumonectomy 5/2/01
" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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I had same situation two years ago last week..and I did have lung cancer..they removed my left lung along with some lymph nodes..I'm still here, celebrating my two year anniversay..working full time..and loving being alive..take each day as it comes..research..get good doctors..and be there for your mom...email me if I can help in any way..prayers are with you..

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Who did you get to remove your lymph nodes and your lung? I am having a problem trying to get dr.s to be more aggressive since I'm stage 4. Any suggestions?!
Margo Lubbers

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