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Father and Son with TC

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I am wondering if my story is unique. In 1995, my son (at 16) had germ cell tc. In May of 2003, I (father at 44 yrs old)was diagnosed with seminoma TC.
Is this at all common, father and son to both have TC?
My TC was stage 1 seminoma, had it removed and am now faced with the question of do I proceed with prophylactic radiation or just observation.

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I was n your shoes about a month ago, i had the surgery & my doctor highly recomended the radation
i was told it would knock off 20% or more for reacourance so i did 17 treatments.
Things i would of done knowing what i know now;0]
# 1 listen to what ur rad doc has to say as far as side effects
# 2 let work know that u may need to take off during ur treatment
# 3 recovery takes time and b patient ,,we all wanna b back 2 our old selves but it dosn't come overnight , so relax n dont push urself .
Feel free 2 e-mail me with any questions
Best of luck n making ur choice
My prayers r with u
urs n tc.
Mark a.k.a abartender
Iam 37

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Was it on the same side?

It's been 19 years since my TC which happened to be the left teste. I ended up with metastatic cancer in 5 of my lymph nodes and had an RPLND and rad therapy. Rad therapy can really screw you over in some respects. My gall bladder went bad and I ended up with ulcerative colitis (although the doctors were loath to attribute it to the radiation therapy).

At the time I lived in OKC and some 10 years later I moved back to the place of my birth in Indiana and joined in the local Relay for Life. There of all people I met a 2nd cousin (on my paternal line, his maternal line) who had the exact same thing happen to him at about the a few years later than my cancer. It was amazing as we swapped stories how similar our experiences were. Yup... both left side too!

Hope all went well... Lynn

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I had testicular cancer right side, stage 1. followed by 17 treatments of raditions or i call it the weight lost program. I was 37 at the time now im 51 and fighting off stomach cancer now. Not relative to the other i been told. the radition broke my hip socket down and had both total hip replacement.

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