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I had RP on March 24. Its now 12 weeks and there is no sign of bladder control. When standing it drips. If I sit and then stand up, it gushes. I do Kegels three times a day - no help there.

Any thoughts on how long this will go on? Any tips for getting it better?


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I'm sure everyone is unique with regards to this matter. It took me about 2-3 months before I regained control of my bladder. If it continues to be a problem I suggest that you look into the features of a "Cunningham clamp" (external) or even an internal (surgical)artificial sphincter.A friend of mine uses Ditropan pills to control his but I'm personally adversed to placing chemicals into my body!
My only suggestion is to keep trying & don't give up the ship, it may take a while.

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I'm sorry to hear of your incontinence issue. Have you tried to do the kegel a lot more frequently. Following my RP I performed the kegel as frequently as I thought of it. After a while it becomes second nature. If that does not work, you may have to resort to the other types of restriction.

Good luck,

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Hi Harvs;
My RP was Nov. 20 of last year and I pretty much know where you're coming from. At 12 weeks I was still leaking quite a bit especially when doing anything the least bit strenuous. At about that time my urologist started me on Imipramine (this is the equivalent of Tofranil) to help tone the sphincter muscle and I tried to do more Kegels each day. Things gradually got better. I still wear a thin maxi-pad for protection against drips at just short of 7 months but it is still getting better. Really heavy lifting is still a bit of a problem but I'm trying to be optimistic about it.

As Benny said, everyone is different so don't despair. I was told that in some cases it might take as long as a year or more to regain control so I'm not giving up for a while yet!!! You might want to ask your urologist for his opinion as to what might help the process, but hang in there..... I know how you feel about now!!!


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My successful RP was in January 2003. Immediately after the removal of the catheter, there was no urine leakage while I was sitting or in bed. But, when I was standing or walking leakage occurred. It has now been eight months since surgery. There is no leakage at night or while sitting AND DURING THE PRE-NOON HOURS EVEN WITH A FULL BLADDER. Is this one of the milestones in attaining continence? By noon, if I don't get to the toilet after sitting for a while, there is still drippage until the bladder eventually empties into the pad. I have done Kegels since the catheter came out. But, it seems that following a day of Kegels, there is pain in the lower abdomen, and leakage is greater. After the sphincter is rested at night and there are no Kegels during the day, leakage is less. I am wondering if the Kegel exercises are irritating the sphincter and making it less responsive. Have others experienced a reduction in urinary control following strenuous Kegel exercises? Have others regained urinary control without doing Kegels?

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Be patient. I had my surgery last 9/12, 2002 and I am finally drying up. You should do the exercises more than 3 times a day. Try every hour. As long as you start to see improvement you should be fine.

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it will improve. I'm 6mths po and still have some especially when lifting heavy objects. It's getting better every day. Hang in there!

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My leaking has gone way down, but it has not stopped after four years. I know this sounds cold and I don't want you to take it the wrong way. As time goes by dribbling will decrease. have hope and a good attitude. Thank for what you have (life) and not whay you have lost.
Good luck and God bless.

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Remember it could take up to a year to stop. Everyone is different. Just don't quit your exercises.

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