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hormone therapy for metastasis

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My dad was discovered with prostrate cancer with metastasis. he had his testicles removed surgically, he is now taking bicalutamide. He does not have the means to get a gleason test done. They found cancer cells in his bones. Does anyone know generally how long people can survive with hormone therapy ( in his case bicalutamide)..
Any precautions.. any thing he should take care of.. diet, exercise. Has anyone had hormone therapy.. what do u think. At his stage are there any other viable options??

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Here's a link that you can find out info on the bicalutamide

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I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer four weeks ago. It has gone outside the prostate gland into the lymph glands and in the bone in the neck,spine and pelvic area. I am 65 years old. Had a PSA last year and it was normal and this year when I had it done it went up to 105. They did a CT scan,bone scan,biopsy and they have put me on Casadex, one a day and gave me a shot of Lupron. I have to go back on July 3rd to have another PSA test to see if it is working.

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Dear Happy Camper, Welcome to the club! I, too, have top to bottom spinal metastases. I am on Lupron shots and chemo. Are you getting good pain control? My doctor allows me to have Oxycontin 20 mg tablets to take morning and night. It is terribly constipating. However, I have not needed it in recent months. It is as if bone metastases are painful while the tumor is expanding, but when there is no more room in a given bone, the expansion stops and so does the pain.
I would like to hear from you more.

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I hate to see anyone with a similar situation, but am glad there IS someone to talk to. My dad was just diagnosed with it in every vertebrae in his spine, had spinal compression, surgery and is now trying to learn to walk again. Treatment hasn't started yet with the exception of steroids. Radiation starts next week and we meet with his med oncologist next week as well, I guess to look at hormone therapy. Right now he is not eating well or drinking well and continually says that he feels VERY weary. PT and OT is wearing him out (trying to get him to walk with a walker). We are so worried about him. He comes home to stay with me on Thursday.

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my husband was diagnoised with bone met in 12/03 they stared him on lupron/casedex/zometa and 14 treatments of rad. he was getting better and then he seems to be having a relapse. they are talking about chemo. can you give me any info and how you felt on it. he is also takeing morphine 30mg 2x a day and it stoped helping.


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My Dad's situation sounds much like yours. He had an orchiectomy (castration) several months ago - then was put on Casodex, to reduce the hormones even more. PSA shot down briefly, but has doubled again in a couple of months. There is metastisis to his pelvic bone. At this time, because of his heart disease and spread of ca, the Dr. is suggesting radiation to reduce pain. Chemo is not being recommended. He also has ca in bladder, which is growing rapidly. The bone pain is very tough - 'tho the pain meds are really helping with that.
My Dad started upper body therapy excercise when his pelvic/leg area started to show signs of weakening and pain - this has been a Godsend, now that he cannot move about much with his one leg. He uses his strenghtened arms to transfer himself to walker and wheelchair. Every patient is so different. It sounds like your Dad is being given the traditional steps in ca care.
My Dad is in the pallative care stage - really not anything that will stop or cure the ca- it is very tough. His emotions are up and down - with the hormone levels low and the outlook grim.
The regret I have is that his primary care physician never suggested a PSA test and this disease was advanced by the time it was diagnosed. My Dad did no know about the PSA test, or he would have asked.
I wish for you and your Dad the best.

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I was just reviewing some old e-mails and was wondering if your Dad is still surviving this disease.

My husband was diagnosed with advanced PC 4/25/03 and is still battling.

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