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Vision changes

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Hi there. While I was on chemo, my vision seemed to change. I wear glasses but suddenly they don't seem to be strong enough. Has anyone else experienced this? I am going to go get my vision checked and get new glasses but I was wondering if anyone who experienced this could offer some advice. Should I wait awhile? Will my vision continue to change the next couple of months or has the chemo done all it will do? Any advice or sharing of your experience would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Karen, I'll be curious to hear what others say because mine has definitely changed, but that could just be good old middle age :-) Diane

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hi Karen i wouldnt exactly say my vision has changed , but since i have been on chemo my eyes seem to tear instead they are dry and fet the same feeling as i do when i need sleep, maybe down the road it will be another SIDE affect we get with the chemo. I' ve had so many changes to my body i wonder if it will ever return to " normal"
love and hugs Mariat.

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Karen, Mine has changed alot! And the last time I saw the oncologist, he asked me about it, saying that chemo can affect my vision. I had 4 rounds A/C and will have my 4th and final Taxotere on Fri. Tomorrow I see my regular oncologist and I want to ask him about this vision thing...will it go back to where it was, am I stuck with where I am now, etc. I've needed glasses for reading for awhile but I was always able to read something like the caller ID on my phone, but now I have to run for my glasses to see who's calling! Anyway, I'll let you know what the onc says tomorrow, I'd like to think it will go back the way it was but somehow I don't think he'll say that. Julene

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Hi jam,yes my vision changed not alot but enough where I had to get new glasses.I didnt ask the doctor about it and if it could be from chemo but I'm assuming it is because my vision wasnt this bad before and chemo has a way of changing alot of things about your body and the way it once was.Ask your doctor if its a major concern for you no question is to small if it bothers you or you think its getting worse.Takecare and good luck,

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Karen - My vision changed when I was on chemo. I thought I had some infection the way they watered. My doctor assured me that this was normal, and that it was my cataracts that swelled up during chemo. I normally wear glasses, but I do believe that my vision has gone back for the most part to where I was before chemo. Double check with your doctor, but I am sure you will also go back to your regular vision after chemo.

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My vision changed in that I needed a prescription for glasses that were far less strong than the one I had. doctor said it could be a result of chemo or of age - as we get older, we nearsighted people tend to find that we need a less strong prescription

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I am experiencing the same thing. I have had 7 chemo treatments and my vision is MUCH worse. Any thoughts?

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