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Chemo-Port Implant Procedure

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My father was diagnosed with colorectal cancer that has spread to his liver...the doctor's outlook is poor due to the liver damage/surgery is not an option...My father will fight this with every breath, and is going in on Friday for a chemo-port implant...Can anyone provide info on what to expect during this outpatient surgery? Painful? I'd like to provide him with some general info that may bring him some comfort...as I am sure he is scared of this procedure (prior to the actual Chemo)...Thanks in advance for your feedback...There is always hope.

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Hi there,
First of all, these little gizmo's are a life saver on the veins! I had a Medi-Port put in a few years ago. I hear a lot of people say they were HEAVILY sedated during the operation, however I was awake and it was very unpleasant to say the least. Make sure your pop will be heavily sedated. Also, make sure the surgeon gives more lidocaine injections RIGHT after surgery to prolong the numb effect. Make sure the docs prescribe some pain killers before sending pop home. JUST FYI, it may be painfull during the following two days, but pain meds help a lot. The surgery takes about hanlf an hour to 45 mins. Goot luck and God bless

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Hi Dave...

I had a port implanted, and didn't feel a thing. I even went with my mom to breakfast right afterwards. I was totally knocked out, and came out of it very easily. It makes a lot of sense to get the implant, as it truly does help the veins. Just for the record...I had 40% of my liver removed when they removed the tumor from my colon. That was in January 2002, and I'm fine now. It's awesome that you're there for your dad...that will help big time! Let me know if I can help you more...


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Howdy daveskidlet -

I can't let Stacy respond to a posting without chiming in...

I did NOT have a port put in, and let me tell you this, I regretted it!

I am infamous at Bethesda Naval Hospital as "that guy with no veins". Call it vanity, call it denial, call it whatever you will, but I refused to let them give me a port. What price did I pay? About 4 months of a weekly ordeal when the nurses would spend an hour or so heatin my arm up with hot towels, smacking my arms, and digging around trying to find a vein. My record was an hour and a half and 8 sticks (each lasting several minutes while they searched for a blood return that never came).

Had I had a port put in, it would have taken a minute to flush it and then I'd be on my way to chemo candyland.

Chemo does a number on your veins. Makes them very hard, difficult to locate and even harder to get a needle into. A port is a good thing with insignificant extrenal evidence. Only male swimsuit and lingere models like me (NOT!) beg off of them.

Like Stacy, I think it is so great that you are there for your dad. A support network of close loved ones is such a wonderful thing to have when going thru chemo.

Keeping you and your dad in my thoughts and prayers...

- SpongeBob

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My husband just had this done this morning.Was at the hospital for 7:30 took him in the surgery and we were leaving the hospital before 10:00.He said that he wasn't completely out but never felt any pain.Still doesn't.Sent him home with pain meds in case but he said he doesn't think he will need it.Right now sitting under carport watching the dog run and talking to his sister.Yes you are right there is always hope.Keep the faith and all will work out.Praying for your dad's fast healing.God Bless

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I have a Bard Power Port..
It freaked me out at first when they told me I needed this but it was the best thing I ever did..
It was done under less anthesia than a colonoscopy you are barely out.. but you don't feel pain just some pressure.. I don't recall any pain at all.. a little discomfort from the bandage..
I place under the skin above the fat.. and it extends to the jugular vein in next. it is place in the chest about an inch or so from the clavical bone if you can picture that.. it is about the size of the mini Reese peanut butter cups..
Look at the Bard site to see what they look like
Search either Bard power port or Port Cath..
mine is purple.. which is my signature color so it was really cool when I saw it..
Good luck to Dad/ it will be blessing..

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I had one put in for chemo after I was diagnosed in 2009. My surgeon was a very blunt and straight-forward guy, and when discussing the port surgery with me he said, "You'll be sore. You'll probably feel like you got kicked in the chest by a mule for a day or two." It was sore, a bruised kind of sore for a couple of days, and then okay. I was so glad I had the port--it made chemo comparatively easy and pain-free. I saw people having chemo through veins at the treatment center, and the port was much easier.

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I've had two ports installed and there was no pain from either of them. At least going in! The firs port became infected and the surgeon removed it with only a local, which doesn't work so well on infected tissue. I'm sure glad that they put the ports in, though. Having to get chemo through a vein would be awful!

Please, keep us updated on your dad and his progress.

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Ask them if it will be whats called a power port. If it is then they can access that when the use the dye during cat scans. Make sure they give you a card saying its a power port. The port is worth it. I didn't want it but was glad I had it done. I was put under twilight sedation but could hear them talking so I asked for more and I went out. No real pain after. More like a sore neck like sleeping the wrong way. It used to creep me out seeing it and it still does sometimes but it's worth it. Big hug!

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I have a power port. I did the first few chemos without one, the pain in the veins, having to switch from one arm to another due to the burning pain getting tooo intense.
A nurse finally told me about getting a port, I went in on outpatient basis, they put the port in, afterwards I went to lunch with my husband, no pain. And WOW sweet relief, no pain from having chemo anymore. Makes the chemo process painless.
By the way, they told me liver was too bad, couldn't have surgery, would NEVER ever have surgery, had my surgery later that year, so always hope, let the chemo do it's job, mine did.
Winter Marie

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