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breast imaging

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I know there is a wealth of info. out there in the cancer underground. Anyone know of any type of imaging beyond mammogram that can detect DCIS? Mine doesn't show on mammo. Got to find what's going on in that breast before I decide about treatment. Experimental ideas also considered. Many thanks.

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How about the CAD? Computer aided detection, they do a mammo then run it thru a computer. Statistics show it picks up 15-20% more breast cancers than the radiologist reading alone.
If that doesn't work you might look into getting a PET scan. Good luck and God bless. hummingbyrd

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Breast MRI seemed to work best for me. Hated being in the thing but since mammo didn't show it really well, and ultrasound only a bit better, the doc felt the MRI was alot more definitive. Julene

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The mammo is still at the front line, re diagnostic imaging. Much can be determined by that most uncomfortable compression of our breasts...whether the suspicious spot effaces or not...whether it's fluid filled or solid, etc.. The ultrasound is next in line with it's obvious benefits. The PET scans are being more widely used now in addition to CAD and are proving superior in some ways. Even with CAD, the radiologist will still scrutinize the films.

BSE's are still VERY important, I think, notwithstanding that some recent studies discount their value. I know too many women who discovered their lumps through BSE, when recent mammo's had failed to detect them, myself included.

Wishing you the best in finding the most accurate imaging for your particular needs. If all else fails, including the very reliable MRI, then exploratory surgery may be the only option.

Love, light and laughter,

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I participated in a research study on different machines to compare to the mammogram. It is at Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital in New Hampshire. Dartmouth College was helping with the study. They had a infra red machine that was suppose to be better then the standard mammogram. Feel free to call them and find out. 603-650-5000. Good luck

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