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I've had a routine mammogram done just recently and was found to have a fibroadenoma in my right breast. It is said to be "probably benign" on the birads assessment. They say it is not very big, the paronioa I have is that I've gone through two bouts of hodgkin's disease once in '95 and then again in '97. I had radiation the first time and then chemo the second.I know it is said that women who have had chest radiation are at high risk for breast cancer. Has anyone had any experience with this?

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I've had a benign fibroadenoma. I had it before I ever was diagnosed with breast cancer and the two were unrelated. I don't know about the radiation except that it was my understanding that people who received radiation for Hodgkins years ago were at risk because the radiation was much less specific. I had a friend that went through this but it was 20 years after her Hodgkins which was in the 70's. Hope that helps! Diane

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I have a friend who had Hodgkins disease and received radiation at age 14, and developed b.c. 3 years ago (when she was around 40). She was told she was at high risk because of the rads. Also, she's doing great 3 years later.

About the fibroadenoma however - I too was told by my surgeon, gynecologist and radiologist that the lump I found was 99% likely to be a fibroadenoma, but the only was to be sure was to take it out. Sure enough, at age 37, the lump was cancerous. See a surgeon, take it out. I don't want to scare you, but there's only one way to be sure, and also chances are it's benign and then you can relax about it.

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Hello Janney. I don't like lumps in my oatmeal OR especially in my breasts. The above post is so wise. The truth is you won't REALLY know what the lump is until you have it out. Good luck. Glow

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Hi janney:

By definition, fibroadenomas are benign. PATHOLOGY is the only way to accurately arrive at that definition. A "guessing" doctor is not something I'd advise you or anyone else to fool around with. Have it removed and be CERTAIN. Lisa's advice is the BEST advice!

Love, light and laughter,

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I too was told that the lump I found at 35 was a fibrous cyst nothing to worry about, I was tired not sick. Just 7 months later I was so sick that I could no longer deny myself and with the growth of another lump that grew in a week, no one had to tell me I had cancer. In just 7 months I had to beg doctors to take me serious. I had a very aggressive form of cancer even though doctors and surgeon told me less than 10% chance it could be cancer. They both were surprised but not I. Lisa is right the only true way is for diagnostic testing to occur, that is what early detection is all about. They cannot be sure that the fibrous cyst won't turn into cancer somewhere along the way. I don't know how we are to even have a chance at early detection if these things are not asperated or biopsied.
Be good to yourself always,

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Amen, Amen! The "don't worry about it, it's just a ----- or a ------" does not fly. Biopsey is the only way to know and knowing early is how you save lives. Good Advice. Beth

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