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My Favorite Web Sites - Helpful Information

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I wanted to share some very helpful web sites with everyone. There is so much information out there, But these are the ones that I found to be most helpful. See Below:

1. Click on Breast Cancer and choose Spanish or English
2. Click on Join the Living with it Program. You can sign up to receive a free Packet of helpful information which includes a Things to Keep Binder with additional resources and information as well as information on lifestyle, diet, exercise, medical options, clinical trials and insurance issues

These 2 web sites provide information on a clinical study for women with Her2 positive Breast Cancer which includes a drug called Herceptin. Herceptin has been proven to shrink & significantly slow down tumors that have spread to other areas of the body. It is hoped that using Herceptin along with Standard Chemo in women who have NOT had spread beyond the breast will prevent a re-occurrence.

This is a web site where you can sign up to get a your very own "Chemo Angel" your Chemo Angel will send you a card every week. I found this to be quite uplifting. I really look forward to getting my Chemo Angel cards

This is a catalog of Wigs, Scarves and Hats. They have reasonable prices and have a great selection.

This is a web site created by Scott Hamilton (the figure skater) I found this very helpful prior to starting my Chemo.

This is a web site that helps raise funds for young women 20-40 who are without health insurance

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Thank you so much for gathering this information together for the benefit of everyone. It is much appreciated! Love, Denise

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chemoqueen, once again you are a wealth of information, thanks for sharing. Judy

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