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Dear Glow

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I just read that you have bone mets and liver mets, and you have had this for over 6 years. How wonderful to hear this, that you are going strong. What treatment are you using, and does this effect the quality of your life, due to pain, ect.
I also have a question about a book that was given to me when I started chemo. It was called (if I remember correctly) The Red Death. It was about a woman going through the whole ordeal alone. Basically, I was wondering if she has another book, or it anyone has heard how she was doing. She had bone mets. Thanks for responding, I check in every day, and I feel so close to all of you. I don't know if you know the inpact you have on people that don't even respond to the messages, but, were out there and praying for all. Thanks again, Frani

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Dear Frani, never heard of the book The Red Death, my guess is the lady was on adriamycin. YUCK!
Your post was very sweet and uplifting, thanks for your kind words. Isn't Glow an inspiration! Hey girlfriend, enjoyed the chat last night.
Frani, come back and post more often, we'd like to get to know you! God bless, hummingbyrd.

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Hi, Frani! You might try doing an Amazon.com search on the book. Persistence pays! Hugs, Denise

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Hi Frannie!! We are all AMAZING !! I've had so many different drugs over the years..Tamoxifen, Femara, Arimidex, Stem cell transplant, High dose chemo, Navelbine, Gemzar, Carboplatin etc. etc. (Yawn). Each time a drug starts to lose its punch they come up with something new. That's why this dsease is no longer a death sentence but rather a BIG SCARY roller coaster ride. Thanks for the note and I am praying too!! Good luck to you.

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