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Frog has left the building

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WELL FAMILY I am leaving for my long awaited vacation tomorrow. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for puttin up with me. I will miss all ya'll over the next 16 days will im climbing in, up , around, the grand canyon. I will be thinking about each one of you while IM gone--and sending Good vibes all ya'lls ways!! LOVE you guys!

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wow, you scared me there. I thought something bad had happened. Have a great time on Vacation. Enjoy your time with family. God bless. Sandy

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Posts: 216
Joined: Apr 2002

OMG Im sorry. I didnt mean to scare anyone. I always say *frog has left the building* when I leave the chat area. Did not even THINK that it would be taken in bad way. IM SO SORRY ya'll!
*frog begs forgiveness* But im still gonna have a good time and STILL will miss all ya'll. God Bless

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One of my sisters used to live in Sedona, but moved to Phoenix. When we visited her, she insisted on going to Sedona because it is so special to her, and she thought we would like to see it. My husband flatly said NO and elected to remain in the hotel room to watch a Jets game. When I saw the red rock area, it was hard to believe that this actually exists and I was seeing it. It is spectacular. That is only the bottom tip of the region you will be going to, and that whole area is believed to emit healing powers and strength. Enjoy every minute! We'll all miss you. Love,Denise

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HelloDenise. Sedona is the most healing place on the planet. I went there in 97 when I was diagnosed. I went before any chemo etc. Did you go to "The Chapel in the Hill" actually built into the red rock. It is awsome. You brought back some wonderful memories. Thanks...Glow

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