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Chemo/radiation menu

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Does anyone know the thought process behind the order in which you get chemo and radiation? Some people seem to get one first then move on to the other. I am on a course of 4 CMF treatments, then 6 weeks of radiation, the back to 4 more CMFs. Any ideas?

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My understanding is that CMF is often split up like yours. That way you get to the radiation within a reasonable length of time. With AC, they don't do this because the adriamycin can cause a recall burn from the rads. At least that's what I was told.


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I dont know Diane, I had chemo and RAdation at the same time----guess Doctor wanted to see how tough I really was or something..lol
much love and Great LUCK

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Hi Diane, I just finished 4 cycles of AC and then 4 of Taxotere and I will start my radiation in a few weeks. But my neighbor's daughter had her radiation first then she started her AC. Until talking to her, I never knew anyone who had radiation before AC but she did! She also didn't have positive nodes so maybe that had something to do with it? Boy, I haven't really helped at all. Just added more confusion. Sorry.....


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Hi Diane,
Don't really know, but I had radiation first, then A/C...If you find out, let us know.

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Hey, Maybe they figure this is the best way to get rid of what you have. I had my chemo first and then the rads.Who knows? Good Luck sandy

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