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looking for a cause

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I'm trying to find out the name of the drug that was used for pregnant women in the late 70's who chose not to breastfeed. It was an injection in the arm just after giving birth and it dried up your milk. Seems to me many women, including myself, who have been diagnosed with breast cancer recently had that shot. I'm just wondering why it is not used anymore and if anyone ever did a study to see how many women with cancer received it. Anyone know the name of the drug I'm talking about?

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Dear Jill
I gave birth in 1981 and was given something to stop milk production - it was not a shot however - it was a hugh pill and I was given the pill while still in the hosptial. I only recieved it one time. I never produced an ounce of milk from that day forward.
When baby #2 came along 17 months later (i now have 2 step kids, and two foster kids) I was also given pills to stop milk production, only this time a presciption that I told several times a day for a about a week. For some odd reason I remember them being red--who knows why I remember that-it was 20 years ago??*shurgs shoulders* Anyway, I can not tell you the name of either-----but here I am NOW at 43 - BC survivor.
Good luck

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I also had the shot in 1978 to dry up my milk right after birth in the hospital. Then in 1988 I was given pills but I can't remember what the shot was called. I wonder if there is any relationship.


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I delivered in 76 and was given a red pill I think 3 times. In 79 I breastfed so no pill. I wonder how many of us had these meds? Beth

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I used to work in OB in the early 1980's and I remember the pill, but not the name. I called an OB unit and she remembered the pill. Said it was something like "Parodel" I looked that up and it is also a Parkinson's med. However, the OB nurse said they stopped using it because of it's cancer causing problems....Hope that helps you. I'll try and do some more research. If I find anything else out, I'll let you know.

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Hello Jill Isaiah sounded like she was on to something. I never had any pills or shots, I nursed all four of my kids for a year or more. I still ended up with bC. Go figure, I thought nursing was a preventative measure??? Good Luck in your findings. Sandy

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Ditto. I also nursed both babies and never had meds to dry milk up, but developed breast cancer anyway. In New York, there was meticulous research done in an attempt to define a link between breast cancer and insecticides used to fog the suburbs in the 1940's and 50's, but no link could be established. Jill, don't beat yourself up over what you did or did not do. Millions of women who did the exact same things as any of us never developed breast cancer. Hugs, Denise

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I nursed all three of my children, the two youngest 9months to 1 year. Still here I am with breast cancer. Thought I had done all the right things. Sometimes I dont think we can find a cause, it just happens. Wish you the best of luck in your search for information.

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Did some research: Pill was called Prladil (sp) taken 2X a day while in hospital. Shot was called Deladamone (sp) given only once withing a few hours of birth. Beth

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There was another shot given also from the 40's through the 70's called DES. Co-incidentally I just read an article about this and its ill-effects. Let me find article and I'll type in some info for you. Sorry, suffer from CRS...chemobrain ya know! hummer

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