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Small Cell Carcenoma info wanted

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My 58 yr old uncle has just been dx on 5/21/03. He began Chemo on 5/28/03. He gets results from MRI/Bone Scan/ Cat Scan on 6/4/03. Is it "normal" for such fast action?
My family is just starting to recover from the loss of my father who had pancreatic cancer for 3 years.
What should I anticipate to happen? I will greatly appreciate open & honest replies & suggestions as to where to get info about this cancer.
I hope and pray for success to all of you & family members who are dealing with cancer.

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hi Mary, I have small cell lung cancer,am inremission right now. I was and am inoperable as most sclc people. I received cisplatnum and vp16 first and on second cycle had a bad reaction to cisplatnum and then took carboplatnum, vp16, and taxol for a total of six cycles. I started radiation the fourth cycle and also received six and a half weeks five times a week thru chest, side and back. It is good for onco to move fast, as you know time is important. I hope this has helped some. my e-mail address is handle@nauticom.net if I can help in anyway. God bless Mike also a good chat site at www.oncochat.net

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Have been through 4 rounds of chemo and Dr. now wants me to do radiation.  He paints a very scary negitive picture of possible side effects, especially long term. yet what I researched and read doesn't paint the extremely negitive picture he does.  Would like to hear from people who have actually experienced radiation treatments for small cell cancer. Am looking for truthful experiences good or bad, just from real people not books or Drs.

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Psamuel, is it the chest they will be radiating?   Much will depend on how close the mass is to the esophagus.  Esophagitis can range from mild to severe.  Mine was middling.  partway into treatment I developed a terrible sore throat.  It was from burning caused by the radiation.  For several weeks I lived on food that was finely chopped, cream of wheat, smoothies, oatmeal, pudding, jello, buttered noodles, 

shakes, Boost and ice cream. I couldn't tolerate coffee, it tasted like I was eating the grounds. A couple weeks after radiation ended things were pretty well healed and I could eat what I liked.

Radiation will destroy the cells that were not killed by chemo. I would urge you to pursue it. I wish my dr had been as forthcoming as yours. Mine said I might have some irritation. HAH! I still would have had it if he had been fully honest. I do know people who had almost no discomfort as well. You can ease some of the pain by drinking aloe juice, using magic mouthwash and eating a tablespoon of honey about 15 mins before and after the radiation treatment.

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