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Hi, I am a 21 year old male, trying to find some info, because I am 90% sure I have a brain tumor, or something that is not right up there. I have had severe debilitating headaches for the past 10 months. They are relentless, it's always there, but they do change in intensity. They are also sometimes accompanied by nosebleeds. About 6 months after my headaches began, I started to develop muscle spasms. First they were only around my eyes, now they are occuring randomly all over my body. I also feel like my attention span has decreased, and I have trouble reading sometimes. I am also extremely forgetful, though I have always been forgetful to an extent. Recently, I had an MRI to find out if I might have a brain tumor and I was told that there was a polyp in my sinuses, so I am supposed to go to an ENT soon to find out what it is. What makes it even worse is that I do not make much money, have no insurance, and am now living back at home with my parents, who keep telling me to get a job, even though I am in severe pain, even as I write this post. It would be great if anyone could tell me if my symptoms are like theirs, or what all of this might be, because it has made my life extremely crappy. Please help!

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You might consider starting a business. In many states, a company with 2 employees is eligible for group insurance and can't be turned down. It only costs $200 +/- to form a company and get started. The best Head & Neck cancer doc I know of is chairman of that department at Roswell Park Cancer Institute www.roswellpark.org
He is a great guy as well as my fishing buddy and is at the top of his game with your issues. Good luck!

David Bershtein, Lymphoma survivor and founder

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My name is Kristine. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor on 22 Sept 2002. I only had light headaches and they would go away with advil until one day at the park with my children, I thought it was a migraine. I told my husband that I wasn't feeling well and I began to vomit. Until that day I had no forewarning, only a severe headache and vomiting. My tumor was the size of a quarter in the right temporal area. I had none of the symptoms you are having, except headaches at different intensities. So hang in there, everyone is different. In fact I too had an MRI two days ago and there is another tumor near where the other tumor was. The polyp in your sinuses most likely is the culprit to your symptoms.

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I am a cancer survivor. Your symptoms, unfortunately, sound very similar to the symptoms I endured in 1989. My initial symptoms mimicked diabetes in two ways. I was always urinating (every 20-30 minutes) and was extremely thirsty all the time. Next, I started having extreme headaches, migraines. Two months went by and the only diagnosis from the doctor was mononucleosis, which was incorrect. One morning I woke up with double vision and went to the eye doctor. It was there that they noticed pressure beyond the eye. I was then sent to the local hospital for an MRI and a brain tumor was found. A ventricle shunt was placed on the left side head and torso for the purpose of draining the excess fluid from the brain, which was causing the migraines. Two brain biopsies were performed to see what kind of tumor it was. It was a germ-cell tumor called germanoma. Fortunately for me, 5 weeks of radiation destroyed the tumor. The bad side is there are negative effects to radiation, such as poor memory, loss of hair, vomiting and depression. I have been cancer free for 14 years now. Regarding your insurance problem, are you able to join your parents? Another resource is the state. I would research or have someone help you research on the Internet about this. Contact the Cancer Society or any other similar groups.

Best of luck to you, if there are any other questions you have for me, contact me


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bet you have a sinus infection

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This discussion was started 6 years ago. I would love to read how it played out but I doubt we will ever know at this point.

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