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My hair is growing back in pretty rapidly but I have a few places where there doesn't seem to be any hair at all! YIKES! Has anyone ever tried Rogaine after chemo to speed up hair regrowth? Or at least to fill in the empty spots? After all I've been through it feels pretty silly to be so vain but I really want to quit wearing my wig or hats. It's just too darn hot in south Texas to have much on your head. Thanks for your input and don't make fun of me!


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Hey JamJar, its me, mc2001. I had questioned a Pharmacist about Rogaine for me when I lost my locks. Anyhoo, he said a person has to use it for life 'cause once they stop, the hair falls out again. Hope this helps. See 'ya in chat! :-)

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Hey Karen, never tried the Rogaine, just give it time, it will come back. My eye lashes still aren't back 100% but I am hoping they come in fuller. Just got my first hair cut after about a year and a half. Be patient. Love sandy

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DEAR Jam- I feel for you hon. was bald in TEXAS the summer of 2001! YUckYYYYYYY.. I just could not go the wig route.. got one- wore it twice. hated it! kids put those fake tattoos on my head and I went ''ah-natural'' or with a baseball cap or harley-do rag till thanksgiving when i started geting ''peach fuzz'' Just be patient hon, it will come back. and dont be surprized if it comes back different -mine came back CURLY and GREY..lol..
much love

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I don't know about after chemo and radiation what happens with Rogaine. But I can tell you that I used it before chemo and radiation to help fill in my thinning hair. Yes, you apply a dropper full and rub it into your scalp twice a day. It doesn't work on everybody. The hair that re-grew for me was the soft, downy hair--not the regular hair. But I figured that it filled in and kept my scalp from looking "shiny" or having shiny spots. So I was satisfied with that. Like mc2110 said, if you want to keep the re-grown hair from falling out, you have to keep using the Rogaine. I did find that if you want a cheap way to test Rogaine out, go to your local drug store and get the GENERIC Rogaine, which is Monoxidyl (sp). It is about $16 for a couple bottles instead of buying the name brand for $40+. You can even get it at Costco. My doctor gave me that tip. Also, once the regrown hair came in, I could keep it from falling out by using a dropper full only once a day instead of twice a day, which reduces the cost also.

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When my hair first started coming back, my hairstylist recommended a shampoo and conditier called nioxin. It's supposed to stimulate the scalp. The first hair to come back is that baby fine fuzz. After a couple of haircuts, I had more natural texture. Diane

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Hi Jam-sorry I didn't catch your posting sooner. I've been off-line for awhile. Hey, I have been telling everyone my little secret-pre natal vitamins. I started taking them at the urging of my hair stylist (after getting approval from my oncologist of course). I'm 16 months out from the end of my treatments and I have the thickest, curliest hair ever. And my nails are great too. You can get these vitamins over the counter now. I still take them-I figure they're good for me. Hope you can give them a try and good luck! Sharon

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