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breast cancer and pregnancy

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I am conducting a small study in the affects of pregnancy and breast cancer. I would really appreciate if you would answer a couple questions. Even if you did not have children, i would still appreciate it. just indicate how many children you had, how long you breast feed for, how old you were when you first gave birth and how old you were when you were first diagnosed with breast cancer. if you have any questions email me at allison_e_roy@hotmail.com
Thank you.

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I will e-mail you with info., but you need to be more clear on how you want people to respond to you. E-mail 0r post on this site?

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YOur e-mail address doesn't work. I copied it inot the address book. What school are you from? Are you for real?

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Since your email didnt work I'll just answer here. I gave birth do 2 children (while being pregant 4 times -only two ''took'') I have 2 step kids and two foster kids -but i guess that dont count does it? Anyway- I was 18 at 1st pregrency - miscarrage- 20 - second pregrancy - tubual -surgery had one tube removed - gave birthday first child at 22 - did not breast feed. and second child at 24- did not breast feed- was dx'd at 43.. dont know how that will help - but im willing to give you what ever info you think will help.

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Wondering if you've considered contacting oncology professionals and/or oncology treatment centers regarding your study? If agreeable, then they could lend validity to your study by approaching patients regarding their interest in participating. Assuming that your study must have certain parameters, it would seem that those avenues may yield better results while
maintaining a more professional approach.

There's a request such as yours every other week or so here, of late, and I don't believe you realize that some here may consider such requests intrusive and/or insensitive.

Just thought you may want to know this for future consideration.


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Yes, you could consider it intrusive, but then... it seems like she's a STUDENT. This may not be research from a real research center or project but may be a term paper or thesis kind of study. Survey should be more formated I think but maybe she's just getting started and developing a direction for the project. Well that seems positive.
For me: I've had 2 pregnancies, 2 live births, at 23 and 26. Breastfed number two child and was diagnosed with Breast Ca at 49yo.
Happy Thoughts! Beth

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Had 1 child when I was 35, didn't breast feed. Was diagnosed when I was 45.

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