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I'm new, and would like a friend

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Hi I am new to this place, I cant figure out how to get into a chat room, and i was resently diagonised with breast cancer. Thank you My name here is britches

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Hi britches,
Welcome! Sometimes it is very hard to get in the chat room. A lot of the time if you hang around though someone will help you. I have found that many times people can't see their type bar on the main chat, so when you come back, double click on someones name and that will take you into private chat where you can talk to someone and they may be able to tell you what to do. If you continue to have problems, at the top of the home page you will see Contact CSN Webmaster, click on it and email them for help. Don't give up okay, eventually you will get in the chat and you will find a great support system there. You can e-mail me on this site, I am an ovarian cancer survivor. Hang in there.
Love and Prayers

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hi there how are you. I'm a two 1/2 year thriver and we all care very much about you. You may email me too.

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Hi Britches,
I finished treatment for breast cancer in October.
I had trouble getting into the chatroom too. I would click on the link and would get a blank screen. I had to wait a little while for it to load, and then it worked.

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Hi there new friend and welcome to the best place for support.Getting into the chat room takes patience.I have to go to my csn start page then click on csn chat and it takes awhile to load(3-7 minutes) then at the bottom there is aplace to type or as rosie said double click on someone-we are a friendly bunch.Im Lori and I too have breast cancer,I'm 39 and was dx at 38 so this is all new to me also.Always open to e-mails so please do if you need someone to vent at or a ?.miraclemom12632001@yahoo.com(all lower csae letters)Takecare and my prayers are with you,Lori

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Hello, My name is Faye, I have just been diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer at 21. I am very confused and worried at the moment as I am about to start treatment and would love to talk to anyone with advice or who would like to share their experiences.

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Dancer21 this is to you -
If you see this and want to talk sometime, email me at lynemc@earthlink.net. I have been supporting my husband for 2 years now thru colon cancer, and it is scary as hell. I can't imagine how scared you must be, but maybe just talking I can offer some positive insites I've discovered thru our battle.

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Hi. I'm new to the american cancer society. I've been looking for answers to some questions and it seems as if all of the doctors I consult only want to prescribe more pain medication rather than locate a problem to diagnose. My mother was diagnosed two years ago with colon cancer. In the past two years she removed the cancerous nodule from her colon only to have it re-appear/spread to her lung. Back in November she had the cancerous nodule removed from her lung and she is about to finish her second 8 week term of chemotherapy. Her cancer doctor says that her body is responding well to the therapy and that the cancer is in remission, which is great. However, since the operation on her lung wherby they went through her back, she has had immense pain to the point where I find her in tears. Has anyone dealt with this or can anyone suggest why it is happening. A Pain Maanagement specialist recommeneded a thorasic injection which is an injection into the spine which would deaden the nerves in the portion of her back that hurts. He feels confident he can help her and seemd nice but I'm skeptical at this point due to the words of encouragment I received from the doctors prior to her first two operations. He said that sometimes nerves get caught in the scar tissue after surgery and this causes pain. I'm so scared for my mother and concerned. Can anyone help or suggest anything?

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Hi Faye,
My name is jeanine and i am 20 now but at 17 i was diagnosed with melanoma, skin cancer. i am cancer free now. but i can understand having cancer around this age. if you would like to talk email me at lovejj424@yahoo.com
bye. jeanine

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Hi I'm new here too. I had surgery for breast cancer in 1993 and just found out in March of this year that it is back. It's hell to be in remission for almost 10 years and then be told it is back. I have been coming to the csn website for a long time but this is the first time I have been to the support discussion board. If this is your first time to this site browse around, it is a very good and supportive site. Feel free to e-mail me.

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Hi Britches,
I am new to this too. I think with some practice we can manage. I also had breast cancer 3 years ago, but am now about to fight lung cancer. I have to say, one day at a time. Are you doing ok.?

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